After transferring, DeLaney makes the most of senior season.

Alli DeLaney anticipated a typical college experience; four years at an institution and then graduation. Her plan didn’t go as expected, however. DeLaney transferred from Division II Notre Dame College to Waynesburg University after her junior year.

DeLaney was unsatisfied with her time at Notre Dame, and decided to enter the transfer portal. Within two hours of entering the portal, Waynesburg’s coach, Sam Jones, got in contact with DeLaney.

Although her team has struggled, having just five wins coming into the last game of the regular season, DeLaney has developed into one of its most important pieces, averaging nearly 12 points a night while becoming Waynesburg’s top three-point shooter.

But DeLaney’s time in Greene County haven’t come without complications. She transferred to Waynesburg partially because of her friendship with Haley Porter, who was her teammate at Union Local High School in Belmont, Ohio, and started for the Jackets as a freshman last year. Porter told DeLaney that she enjoyed Waynesburg and believed it would be a good fit for her. Unfortunately, Porter no longer attends Waynesburg, so she and DeLaney were not able to play together at the collegiate level.

When DeLaney transferred to Waynesburg, she also suffered a roadblock academically. Only two-thirds of DeLaney’s credits transferred to Waynesburg, and as a result, she’ll be coming back for an additional year without any basketball eligibility remaining.

Despite some complications along the way, DeLaney doesn’t regret her decision happy that she transferred to Waynesburg for basketball.

“I would do anything to trade one of my years at Notre Dame for another year here,” Delaney said. “I would love to have another year of basketball here.”

Even though DeLaney doesn’t have another year of eligibility for basketball, she’ll still be involved with the team. Whether being a student assistant or a volunteer,  Jones is going to do whatever it takes to keep DeLaney involved in the program.

“She loves the game,” Jones said. “She’ll be around the team as much as possible next year.”

Despite the fact DeLaney is new to the team, she still has leadership roles to the Yellow Jackets.

“She’s done a really good job of fitting in and picking up on how we do things,” Jones said. “She just adds a level of experience for us.”

DeLaney is also a leader off the court.

“I try to have the motherly instinct and be someone that [my teammates] can come talk to,” DeLaney said.

DeLaney’s has made an impression on younger players.

“Alli has helped me tremendously,” freshman Anika Dansby said. “She is always willing to help me in any way. I’m blessed to call her a friend and teammate.”

Although Jones didn’t have a lot of time to coach DeLaney, he’s enjoyed the time he’s had with her as one of his players.

“She is fun loving and joyful,” Jones said. “It’s been joy to have her.”