Matthew Mansfield

WU students stay on campus during holidays

While most Waynesburg University students are preparing to head home for Thanksgiving dinner with their families, some end up spending holiday breaks on campus. Thanksgiving break begins Wednesday, Nov. 22, and classes resume Monday Nov. 26.  To stay on campus during holiday breaks, students must submit a form to the Housing Dand meet campus requirements … Continue reading

Dorms host open door challenge to build community

Several dorms on Waynesburg University’s campus participated in the Open-Door Challenge to promote communication and socialization among students.  Matthew Pioch, director of Housing, said that an objective was the push students to leave their doors open throughout the day. “Essentially, we challenged students to leave their doors open to facilitate a sense of community,” said … Continue reading

On-campus houses infested with bats

Students report several incidents of pests in university housing

Waynesburg University students have been driven batty, literally.  Bats have been found in two on-campus houses this school year. The bats have been removed, and other than disturbing students , the winged mammals appear to be harmless, according to Matthew Pioch, director of housing.  Issues like this arise every year at Waynesburg, said Pioch.. Pioch … Continue reading

Ward Foundation reflects on years of service

Tragedy struck the family of 34-year-old Waynesburg University alumnus Steven Ward Dec. 6, 2015, when he died unexpectedly. The beloved son of George and Linda Ward died due to complications from the flu. The virus attacked his heart, leading to a stroke and a pulmonary embolism. He died Ward while being life-flighted from Washington Hospital … Continue reading

University hosts fourth annual high school writing contest

John C. Knox writing event welcomes students from 15 different high schools

Waynesburg University recently hosted its fourth annual John C. Knox Writing Contest for high school students. The event, sponsored by the Observer Publishing Company, was for students from local high schools to test out their writing skills against one another. The young writers from fifteen different schools in the area, including Waynesburg Central, were given … Continue reading