Dear readers,

The Yellow Jacket staff is back for the fall 2020 semester at Waynesburg University. We are thrilled to be back to report the news to you. We have had to make several changes to our normal operations, however. With the health and safety of our campus and community in our best interest, we will be halting all print operations for the fall semester until further notice. In the meantime, we will be reporting online-only.

We will be making some changes in the newsroom to abide by safety and health standards. Firstly, we will not be conducting in-person interviews for our content. We understand meeting for in-person interviews will potentially put ourselves and others at risk.

This year, we will be working much more closely with WCTV (Waynesburg Community Television) and we will be using a lot of their content for convergence packages. All convergence news packages are credited to the student producers on WCTV, and any content they produce belongs to them. We want to thank WCTV for their help in bringing our news stories to life through convergence and create news content where our print edition cannot.

We also want to give a big thanks to you, our faithful readers, who are there for us despite the many bumps in the road over the past year.


The Yellow Jacket Staff