Deadlines approaching for housing selections for 2020-2021 school year

With the end of the semester fast approaching, some students now need to complete the 2020-21 housing selection process remotely. Though students are no longer physically on Waynesburg University’s campus, things are business as usual with housing selection.

“The process starts with on-campus houses, then suite-style doubles, then triples and quads and then finally traditional hall doubles,” Matthew Pioch, director of housing, said. “Each one of these applications only requires one application to be submitted for the group as a whole.”

To start the process of applying for a specific housing option, current residential students are emailed the housing contract. This contract must be signed before the deadline of the housing application when applying for a specific type of room.

After completing the housing contract, students are sent an email containing the links and a schedule for when the different applications for various housing options are due.

When the applications close, all of the received information is gathered and assessed on two criteria: if each student applicant filled out their housing contract, and how many credits each student has earned. If students have not completed the housing contract, they are disqualified. The remaining applications are sorted based on credits, then placed into rooms based on their previously indicated preferences.

Students who require special accommodations for their housing must contact Courtney Balban, academic support specialist & disability services coordinator, and work with Pioch to make sure needs are met. 

“Matt Pioch works closely with (Balban and) students who have approved accommodations on file to make sure that they are able to get the housing that they need,” said Tyler Webb, resident director. 

Pioch and the housing department also work with students by offering to add students to a waitlist if they are not placed in their first choice for on-campus housing.

“There is no guarantee that someone on the waitlist will get bumped up, so they should be pursuing another option,” Pioch said.

As for on-campus houses, the application process is slightly different. To apply to live in an on-campus house, the applicant group must complete 12 required service hours for the year and must submit an essay as to why they would like to be considered for a house.

Each student must have at least 36 credits, a GPA of 2.8 or higher, no major disciplinary violations on their record and a submitted housing contract on file.

A formula is used to equally weigh credit hours and the GPA of each student to make an overall score for the applicant groups. A report is made up that places the groups in order by style of house, overall score and the group’s essay.

The reports are sent out to the on-campus house committee, who discuss scores before determining placement.

Suite-Style applications for double rooms opened March 30 and were due April 3 at noon. Triple and Quad Suite-Style applications opened April 6 and were due April 10 at noon. Traditional Double Housing registration opened April 13 and will be due April 17 at noon. 

Contact Pioch at for additional information on deadlines and housing selection.