Local fire company hosts fish fry

Video courtesy of WCTV, Adam Morgante
Brady's Roadhouse

It’s that time of year again, fish fry season. The Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company fish fry is one of many fish fries in the area. They are doing a fish fry every Friday during lent. The hours are 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., take-out only. 

According to fire chief Joseph Petek, the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company has done a fish fry for at least 20 years. 

“It’s a fundraiser for the fire department. It really helps us out,” Petek said. “The community expects us to keep doing it.” 

The fire company uses funds from the fish fry to help pay for equipment throughout the year. Every amount they get helps, Petek says. 

“It’s been very successful. It helps to buy our gear and other things that we need through the year,” Petek says. “It doesn’t pay for it all, but every little bit helps.” 

John Tennant, President of the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company, points out why he thinks the fish fry will be extremely successful compared to other years. 

“A lot of the other places because of the pandemic aren’t doing them at all,” Tennant said. “They’ve been really good to help us support as far as financial help with the proceeds towards our trucks and equipment.” 

Even though a lot of places decided to not do a fish fry this Lenten season, Tennant still wanted to do a fish fry for his community. 

“We like to make sure that we support our community and help our community anyway we can,” Tennant said. “This is one of the ways that we can help give back to them. They can support us and we’re giving them a decent meal at a good price.” 

Before the pandemic, attendees could either dine-in or do take-out at the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company fish fry. This year, they must do take-out only. Tennant states that it was easier to do that way, even though they had the option to have people dine-in. 

“We were allotted 25 people,” Tennant said. “It’s easier just to do take-out only because of the cleaning, sterilizing, disinfecting the dining area after everyone leaves each time.” 

Tennant points out multiple things he’s satisfied with from doing a fish fry every year.

“Honestly the result. It’s the community support,” Tennant said. “At the end of those, you can put a nice chunk of change in the bank that makes you feel good about yourself that you’re supporting your own department.” 

Petek hopes that people continue to support their fish fry. 

“People come out and support your local fire departments,” Petek said. “In the state of Pennsylvania, we have to make our own money. It takes a lot of money to keep the place running.”