SAB and Aladdin join forces for late night breakfast

Rachel Pellegrino, The Yellow Jacket

Waynesburg University’s Student Activities Board hosted this year’s first Late Night Breakfast Friday, Sept. 13. At 10 p.m. Students lined up in the Beehive for a variety of breakfast foods, which were served by students on the SAB board. 

Ivy Allen, SAB chairperson for athletic fun and fitness, was the SAB point-person for the event. Allen described the event as a great opportunity for students to take a break and get out of their rooms. 

“I think it’s a great way to take a break from studying and to just get something to eat because a lot of college students are hungry in the middle of the night because we do have an early dinner,” said Allen.

In addition to an array of breakfast food, music was provided by 99.5 the Hive. So, students could jam out as they were chowing down.

What made the night run smoothly was not only the help of SAB members, but the Aladdin workers who set up and prepared the food. 

“For the event, we prepared about a box of each food item – french toast sticks, tots, sausage and eggs – and brewed some fresh coffee. Between four Aladdin workers it took us approximately an hour to set everything up and prepare all the food fresh,” said Angelica Good, a student Aladdin worker and junior education major with concentrations in science and English. 

Besides preparing the food, the Aladdin workers were also in charge of setting up the tables where the food would be served and making sure all the students were fed throughout the event.

“To set up, we had to put two tables out along with all the sternos that we had to fill and light, as well as all the paper ware,” Good said. “During, we just had to check on the status of the food to make sure we filled anything that may be running low.”

Even though the Aladdin workers were in charge of making and refilling the food, they had some help from SAB members during the event. Good said she appreciated this help.

“Having the SAB members assist in serving was a great help,” Good said.

Throughout the event, the SAB members continued to serve food; however, there was still some left over for students to take with them. This was because the turn out for the event was lower than expected. Allen, however, was not discouraged by the lower attendance of the event. 

“Usually we have maybe twice the amount [of students], everybody went home this weekend,” said Allen. “It’s a little lower than we expected, but I think it’s relatively a good turn out.”

This is just one of many late-night breakfasts to come in the future. Allen said SAB usually runs one or two a semester and the University will host the President’s Breakfast during exam week. 

Mackenzie Campbell, an Aladdin worker, said the late night breakfasts are usually easier on the workers than the President’s breakfast.

“It’s [late night breakfast] a lot easier on the people who work it, students and the ‘Caf’ workers.”

This is due to the President’s Breakfast being a bigger event and attendance being higher. 

Either way, both events provide the breakfast food that Waynesburg students are craving to eat. 

Allen said her favorite late night breakfast food is the tater tots, while Campbell said, “definitely the french toast sticks.”