SAB partnering with several organizations around campus

The Student Activities Board (SAB) recently started to join with Waynesburg University campus clubs to hold events that bring awareness to monthly themes. Pat Bristor, associate dean of students,most looks forward to this collaboration in the new school semester. It teaches the students of the chosen clubs the administrative side of holding events on campus. Every month has a subject that the events correlate with. September is Suicide Awareness Month and the International Justice Mission (IJM), Black Student Union and Psychology Club were chosen to work with the SAB first. Bristor mainly works with the clubs, teaching them how to host the events, and the SAB helps with needs they may have, such as people to help with the event.

The “all organizations meeting” took place last Friday, and they decided that the Psychology Club, Sociology and Human Services Club, IJM, SNAP and the Council for Exceptional Children will cooperate with the SAB next month. October is scheduled to be Mental Health Awareness Month. These are very important subjects that need to be discussed more. With the club’s help, the SAB is spreading knowledge of it to the student body of Waynesburg University.

As the new partnerships with student clubs get underway, sophomore Jordan Taylor, who serves as president for the SAB, has certain aspirations for how it can evolve in the coming months and years. She hopes that these monthly events can turn into smaller activities the clubs host themselves that can be open for Waynesburg students to participate in. The clubs mainly prefer to stay within themselves, so collaborating with the SAB, is something they hesitate on. The goal is to bring everyone on campus closer together and form a close-knit college environment for the students. It could also help to bring more knowledge of the clubs to the students at the University. Not all clubs come to the club fair at the beginning of the semester, so freshmenmay not know how to contact a club they are interested in. Joining in fun activities that are put on by the clubs could provide the exposure that they need. 

“Waynesburg, considering it’s such a small school, has a really good sense of community, but at the same time, people are still separated. Especially with the clubs. So we just want to create a better sense of community,” Taylor said.

The University clubs holding events with the SAB have helped them out a great deal because they are short on members at the moment. They are hoping to gain new members as they host events and start creating committees that have more students and more ideas to have bigger events and activities. The SAB could use fresh ideas and new creativity in their ranks to help bring happiness to the Waynesburg University campus. Taylor said, “Putting on successful events…to see so many people come, so many people enjoy it. That’s what we want to do.”