Jazz ensemble grows in number, ability

The Marsh Center was filled with the sound of music as the Waynesburg University Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra performed Tuesday, April 16. This concert served as both ensembles first and only performance of the semester. For many seniors, it was their last. PayneWissler, senior biology major and music minor, said the concert was sentimental. … Continue reading

When the steeple fell

Cast of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' react to the cathedral's devastating recent fire

Thomas Faye was in class when he heard the news. His music history class had wound down as the professor slowly drew lecture to a close. The dwindling voice of the professor began to be overshadowed by the noise of students zipping their backpacks and slamming notebooks shut. In this momentary pause, Faye thoughtlessly checked … Continue reading

Art show to feature students’ drawings, sculptures

Student artwork featuring various media will be on display at the Student Art Show, opening the evening Monday, April 15. This is a two-week exhibit located in the gallery in the Fine Arts Center. It will showcase featured art from the variety of classes that were offered this past semester. “It’s a diverse collection, but … Continue reading

‘WU’s Line Is It Anyway’ to host performance

Waynesburg University’s spin-off of the show “Whose Line is it Anyway,” WU’s Line, will take place this Thursday, April 11 in the  Goodwin Performing Arts Center. The doors will open at 9:15 p.m. and the show will start 15 minutes later. Tickets are $1. This year, the show is directed by junior history major Tre’ Thomas, … Continue reading

Spring formal dance held by SAB

Warmer temperatures over the past week brought students out to the dance floor at the annual Spring Semi-Formal dance hosted by the Student Activities Board last Friday night. The dance received record attendance from students according to Ryan Smith, assistant director of student activities, which is a trend for some of the recent SAB events … Continue reading

Hatred pressures students into hiding

LGBT community members share struggles, fear of harassment on 'homophobic' campus

Grace Hutchison – The Yellow Jacket Naomi Wilson didn’t think she was different. She was just an average 6-year old girl—she loved playing with her friends during school and looked forward to coming home after a day of elementary classes. In fact, the time she spent at home following school was her favorite part of … Continue reading

Band leader encourages involvement

As someone who wants to work for a band of teammates who hit things, no one would guess Elizabeth Nicodemus is the president of the Waynesburg University Symphonic Band. Nicodemus, senior sports management major and biblical studies minor, took over as president at the beginning of her junior year. When the previous president left, Nicodemus … Continue reading

Student’s loyal faith ‘transformed’ by time at university

Rachel Friend defies common testimonial expectations, as coming to know the Lord didn’t require any tragic crisis or heart-wrenching moment of awakening. “A lot of people connect to people who’ve been through tragedies, but that’s just not my story,” Friend said. Friend, who divulged she isn’t necessarily fond of public speaking, shared her story in … Continue reading