Royal flush

Waynesburg receives $8K water conservation grant from PepsiCo

Waynesburg University was recently awarded a grant totaling $8,000 from PepsiCo intended to reduce water consumption on campus. The zero-impact fund grant is to be used by equipping all residence halls with faucet aerators and energy-efficient showerheads and toilet handles. Student services, academic affairs, maintenance, the business office and institutional advancement all played a role … Continue reading

Class of ’19 selects memorial garden as senior gift

An important part of Waynesburg University is the idea of leaving your fingerprint behind on campus. Senior early childhood education major, Jordyn Wyllie said this can be seen in the bricks of Miller Hall. That’s not the only way students can leave their fingerprint on campus. Another way that seniors specifically leave their fingerprint behind … Continue reading

WU reflects on admissions scandal

Prestigious universities under investigation after bribery

As someone who works in admissions, the scandalous events of the last few weeks just don’t feel real, said Jacqueline Palko, director of Admissions. Especially since there are celebrities involved — it’s like we’re all watching a movie, she said. “It didn’t really feel like it was a real thing, that people actually do,” she … Continue reading

Panel presents on human trafficking

A packed McCance Auditorium welcomed three speakers from a variety of career fields Tuesday evening as they presented three varying perspectives on human trafficking and what everyday people can do to stop it. The panel of speakers, hosted by the Bonner Scholars program, included Cassy Dorsch, a social entrepreneur and Waynesburg University alumnus, Dr. Keith … Continue reading

Entrepreneur Evan Lutz speaks for DeVito Lecture Series

Evan Lutz, 25-year-old entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland, spoke to the Waynesburg University student body April 3. The title of the presentation, “One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Selling Ugly Produce,” is based off of Evan Lutz’s lifelong goal of nurturing the environment. “As a college senior, Evan partnered with a local farmer … Continue reading

Exchange student relays experiences

For some students at Waynesburg University, getting home isn’t as easy as a train ride, a car ride or even a quick plane ride. Students like Seoyoung Kim, an exchange student from South Korea, have to travel across an entire ocean to a different country just to get home. Kim is currently back in South … Continue reading

Students soon to present one-act plays on stage

Every semester, the theatre department puts a lot of time and effort into a large performance, but the ‘drama’ doesn’t end there. The theatre department showcases several one-act plays directed by students involved in the theatre program. Junior history major, Tre’ Thomas, and senior English literature major, Rachel Crosbie, will have the opportunity to get … Continue reading

Event to bring Scouts BSA to campus

The Stover Center for Constitutional studies and Moral leadership is hosting its annual Merit Badge University Saturday, March 30. The event costs $20 per scout. This includes a lunch, a patch and a shirt. Teaching, learning and bringing people to the campus are the main purposes for bringing Merit Badge University to life. Sarah Bell, … Continue reading

Phishing scams infest student email accounts

“Watch this before Saturday.” Many were perplexed by this message or a similar one in their student email inboxes. For some, the email appeared to come from a close friend. For others, the message appeared to come from a complete stranger. William Dumire, vice president for Information Technology Services and chief information officer, identified the … Continue reading