University SAB hosts first Flannel Fest

Video courtesy of WCTV On Saturday, Oct. 17, the Waynesburg University Student Activity Board hosted its first ever Flannel Fest for students. The event took place in the tent in the chapel parking and in the parking lot behind the GPAC on campus. In the tent in the chapel parking lot, students were greeted with … Continue reading

Yellow Jacket 2020 Election Q&A: Stover Scholars

With the 2020 Presidential Election drawing near, The Yellow Jacket Newspaper is conducting a poll to see where students stand. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @wuyellowjacket and watch for our polling posts to participate. In addition to a student poll, we will also be polling different student groups across campus to get their input … Continue reading

Trapped: Students stuck in elevator for over 3 hours

Video courtesy of WCTV It was a typical Sunday evening on Sept. 13 for this group of students. Football, last-minute homework and a soon-to-be McDonald’s run was cut short when Isaiah Skeete, Luke Diel, Leesha Wagner and Chris Agnew realized that the Willison Hall elevator door wouldn’t open upon arrival to the first floor. “We … Continue reading

Dining hall restrictions change during pandemic

Students got a first glimpse of the new campus life that they would be living in July, when Shari Payne, Vice President of Enrollment, sent out a campus-wide email informing students on the new restrictions in the Beehive and Benedum Dining Hall.  The email outlined the first steps of Waynesburg’s Wellness Plan for the dining … Continue reading

Dining hall workers adapt to COVID-19 changes

With the wave of COVID-19, many changes have been made at Waynesburg University, the most noticeable being in Benedum Dining Hall. Christopher Zaccheus, a dining hall employee, explained the main changes to the food system. “Some of the changes that have been put in place are that workers have to serve all the food instead … Continue reading

Bringing Waynesburg University diversity and belonging

Rooted in Waynesburg’s mission statement, the new Diversity and Belonging Initiative which is run through the Pathways Center focuses on cultivating student growth through education and providing a support system for all.  With many components such as programming, a student advisory board and a leadership team composed of individuals from around campus, the program is … Continue reading

COVID-19 update on campus

Waynesburg University remains open as administrators monitor the campus community and continue to stress the “Keep Waynesburg Well” plan. On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Waynesburg University President Douglas Lee provided students and staff with an update on COVID-19 cases on campus. Lee praised students and staff for their commitment to following guidelines set to prevent the … Continue reading

3D printers introduced to Waynesburg University

Andrew Heisey, chair of the fine arts department is turning visions into reality with his new 3D printers and prototyping class. After two years of experimenting with ideas and finding materials for affordable prices, Heisey was able to place the 3D printer into the hands of students this semester. “The idea of 3D printing is … Continue reading