Leaving a legacy

Kobe Bryant's mamba mentality will live on

Kobe Bryant is dead.  The moment that reality set in was something that anyone old enough to comprehend its significance will never forget. Few athletes transcend the sport that they play, and “The Black Mamba” was certainly one who fell into that category. At just 17, Bryant made his NBA debut under a microscope, because … Continue reading

When humanity set the world on fire

The world is on fire, quite literally.   California’s deadliest wildfire season occurred just two years ago in 2018.  It resulted in the burning of 1.8 million acres of land. Now, these same flames have ignited in Australia.  If the pictures of the hellish flames scorching havoc across innocent wildlife or the heart wrenching reports of … Continue reading

Leaving bad habits behind, new semester awaits

With the second half of the 2019-2020 school year underway, the workload from classes and responsibilities are about to become increasingly strenuous. Before that happens, however, students should make adjustments to ensure more success compared to last semester. There are many different aspects of school life that should be examined for change. Three of them … Continue reading

Time for a break

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday passing, students are now looking forward to winter break and the holiday season. Even though the fall semester is coming to a close, that does not mean the learning and growing in students should stop until next semester.  College is a short part of a student’s life. They have studied … Continue reading

Passionate writer begins next chapter

Well, this is it.  After seven years, 67 newspapers and what feels like no less than 8 billion bylines, I have made it to the finish line.  Admittedly, I have fantasized about this very moment. The moment when I type my last sentence, turn in one last article and export layout for the final time. … Continue reading

Fighting for rights

Protests continue throughout Hong Kong

Protests have ravaged the city of Hong Kong since June, with increasingly violent friction festering between rebels and police.  The protests, sparked by a bill that would allow criminals within the city of Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China for trial, have no signs of slowing after five months of demonstration.   Though Hong … Continue reading

Dream jobs are not unrealistic feats

I can’t say I have a lot of work experience. I’ve held different full-time jobs for the past four summers and a part-time job before that, but compared to almost anyone with more life experience than I, that’s nothing. However, I have come to understand facts about the workplace and myself through the experiences I … Continue reading

Shootings highlight horrifying truths

Last Thursday, Nov. 14, Santa Clarita, Calif. High School students were left helpless and scared as one of their fellow students opened fire with a .45-caliber pistol. The site is one that has become very familiar to students across America as this shooting served as the 44th school-shooting in the last 46 weeks, according to … Continue reading