How Nike ruined Mary Cain’s running career

A little over a week ago, on Nov. 7, The New York Times published an opinion video of professional American distance runner, Mary Cain, titled “I was the fastest girl in America, until I joined Nike.” Cain, once the 2014 World Junior Champion in the 3000 meter event, started her downfall as a runner when … Continue reading

Remembering Fred Rogers

God, Fred Rogers was great.  I’m not going to pretend that Rogers played a big part in my childhood, at least at an age where I can remember it. When most people think of Rogers, they think of his iconic television program, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” They think of the opening theme song, “Won’t You Be … Continue reading

Mass shooters should not be recognized

As painful and troubling as it is to admit, mass shootings have become commonplace in American culture. Dozens of innocent Americans are slaughtered consistently in the places where we have typically felt the safest: schools, churches, movie theatres and shopping malls.  As AR-15s and school shootings have been accepted as ‘just another part of modern … Continue reading

Redefining standards of objectivity

Most people who keep track of current news understand that articles are never truly objective by the contemporary understanding of the word. Keeping the content of an article factual and without opinion is only a small aspect of this understanding of objectivity. Even if a story doesn’t have the writer’s opinion represented in it, the … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

1. House Democrats meet to discuss impeachment process Trump impeachment inquiries continue as democrats on the house judiciary committee recently met to discuss the next steps of the impeachment probe. The inquiry was sparked by Trump’s conversation with Ukraine where he attempted to coerce the country to look into Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate in … Continue reading

Hunger strikes hard

For the most part, the college experience is positive. Kids spend 18 years dreaming of the day they get their high school diplomas, and then after graduation, basking, reflecting and anticipating for two months until the day they kiss their parents goodbye – in some cases until Thanksgiving – and go off to start their … Continue reading

Remembering the Tree of Life tragedy

One year ago Sunday, an unfathomable tragedy brought the world to a halt, and it all happened in a city many Waynesburg University students call home.  Last year on Oct. 27, the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrell Hill section of Pittsburgh was the sight of the deadliest anti-Semitic act in American history. 11 … Continue reading