Top five Halloween candies

It’s Halloween Week, which means many people are consuming candy to celebrate the holiday and satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. But what is it about candy that we like? The sweetness, the variety of shapes and sizes it comes in, or whether it’s chocolate based? Personally, chocolate is a favorite and a must. A good … Continue reading

Colleges lack care for enviroment

Waynesburg University has admittedly never been on the cutting-edge of eco-friendliness. This isn’t meant as an attack on the school, but rather an unbiased view of the clear lackadaisical attitude from the university towards their environmental impact.  Even in 2019, dorm recycling is unreliable, with bins appearing and disappearing from halls. There are very limited … Continue reading

Columbus Day remains controversial

A few years ago, my high school history teacher asked my class who founded America.  My immediate answer was Christopher Columbus because we were always taught Columbus discovered America. Throughout my childhood, teachers and commercials recited the famous poem about his voyage. “In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue … ” Remembering this … Continue reading

Each state has a say

Electoral College holds the ultimate power

The Electoral College is a complicated subject for many Americans. The system was established by the founding fathers as a way to have states play a role in the executive branch. This was one of the many ways the founders looked to separate the powers within the country so that no group would become too … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

1. Elijah Cummings dies at age 68 Americans received sad news Thursday with the passing of Maryland Democrat and representative for the U.S. House, Elijah Cummings. The Democratic politician is best known for taking on a lead role in checking the background of President Donald Trump, as well as serving on the House Committee on … Continue reading

The power of forgiveness

Whenever a catastrophic event such as suicide or mass shooting occurs, thoughts of despair, anger and justice fill the hearts of people. Investigations and court trials follow such events, and after sentences are handed out, the American public can put that matter at rest and move on from it. These horrible crimes call for action, … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

  1. Trump poll reports American public in support of impeachment A majority of Americans support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into the actions of President Trump. An estimated 51% of citizens support the inquiry, with 44% indicating that they disagree with the investigation. These numbers are historically unprecedented. … Continue reading

Miller’s impact still looms after death

Four years ago Sept. 30, I was standing outside Stage AE in Pittsburgh, waiting to see my first concert. The occasion was a friend’s birthday, and the performer was Mac Miller. Our general friend group were all big fans of Miller, the Pittsburgh rapper who two days prior had released his latest album GO:OD AM. … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

Purple Heart recipient dies after saving life Don Osteen, age 69, lost his life last Monday after suffering from a heart attack during a necessary surgery he was receiving, due to his involvement in an explosion inside a home. Osteen, who received the Purple Heart for his efforts during the Vietnam War, saved his 3-year-old … Continue reading