The power of forgiveness

Whenever a catastrophic event such as suicide or mass shooting occurs, thoughts of despair, anger and justice fill the hearts of people. Investigations and court trials follow such events, and after sentences are handed out, the American public can put that matter at rest and move on from it. These horrible crimes call for action, … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

  1. Trump poll reports American public in support of impeachment A majority of Americans support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into the actions of President Trump. An estimated 51% of citizens support the inquiry, with 44% indicating that they disagree with the investigation. These numbers are historically unprecedented. … Continue reading

Miller’s impact still looms after death

Four years ago Sept. 30, I was standing outside Stage AE in Pittsburgh, waiting to see my first concert. The occasion was a friend’s birthday, and the performer was Mac Miller. Our general friend group were all big fans of Miller, the Pittsburgh rapper who two days prior had released his latest album GO:OD AM. … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

Purple Heart recipient dies after saving life Don Osteen, age 69, lost his life last Monday after suffering from a heart attack during a necessary surgery he was receiving, due to his involvement in an explosion inside a home. Osteen, who received the Purple Heart for his efforts during the Vietnam War, saved his 3-year-old … Continue reading

Return to the hive

Alumni return to where their journey started

Homecoming is a time to see old friends and return to your alma mater once a year to check in and find out what has changed. This weekend brings the 2019 Homecoming at Waynesburg University, but what makes an annual event so special?  It’s really what you put into as an alumnus of the school. … Continue reading

Power of pausing

College is the academic olympics.  Most of students’ lives to this point have been spent carefully training our minds bit by bit to endure the gargantuan challenges of higher education. We develop the mental skills necessary to complete homework, exams, papers and presentations. After high school, we hop into this world of deadlines and unimaginable … Continue reading

Take the time to connect with family

Until recently, my permanent address was the same as my parents’, as well as my sister’s and brother’s. Despite the fact that I spent more time at college than home, after my 18th birthday, I still considered my home to be where I felt the most comfortable, and I enjoyed coming back on breaks and … Continue reading

Children should not look up to athletes

Charles Barkley has done many controversial things throughout his life. The NBA superstar was equally known for his antics off the court as he was for becoming one of the greatest players of all time on it. Among his most famous controversies, was his 1993 commercial for Nike Air in which he proclaimed that he … Continue reading