In the news: Three notable headlines

1. Alien enthusiasts raid Area 51 The long-awaited day has arrived. On Friday, Sept. 20 around 3,000 people showed up to Area 51 in plans of storming the US Air Force facility in Nevada. The Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported to CNN that the crowd ultimately decided against storming the facility after officers warned … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

  1. Pennsylvania state Senator charged with child pornography allegations Pennsylvania state Senator, Michael Folmer, resigned Wednesday, Sept. 18, after the police had found child pornography on his phone. Earlier in the week police had received a tip from Tumblr about a user who uploaded child pornography. This tip was then traced to Folmer’s home and … Continue reading

Staying healthy in busy times

College students have a desire to learn and be someone who makes a difference in the world. This desire can lead to the makings of great leaders and contributors to society. However, this desire can also lead to overworked, unhappy people. Even in college, many students get involved in at least two organizations, clubs or … Continue reading

Climate change is too dire for politics

It’s predicted that the Great Barrier Reef will die completely in our lifetime.  Our children will never experience its magical beauty. We have ruined that beloved ecosystem. Let that sink in. Melting ice caps are forcing starving polar bears to look for food on terrestrial land. Ice is melting earlier in the spring and forming … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

1. Dorian survivors tell stories   As Hurricane Dorian continues to make an impact all over the world, citizens of the Bahamas are telling stories of their dealings with the natural disaster.  “I don’t feel safe,” a resident told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “I don’t see the authorities around. They say that they have, but I … Continue reading

‘IT’ movie emphasizes topic of fear

After watching the movie “IT Chapter Two,” I couldn’t stop thinking about two things: the first being the creepy image of Pennywise laughing and the second being fear.  For those of you who are not avid “IT” fans or know nothing about the movie, fear plays a huge role in the film and not just … Continue reading

Ways to eliminate ‘back to school’ stress

It’s the end of the second week of classes and the feelings of stress, anxiety and the fear of missing an assignment have returned, but there is no reason to panic. There are a few strategies and techniques you can utilize to limit the worries of returning to class. Organization and doing simple things like … Continue reading

In the News: Three headlines you need to know this week

North and South Carolina are now officially on Hurricane Dorian watch after the storm has already made its way through the Bahamas and briefly brushed Florida. Dorian hit the Carolina’s Thursday as thousands of residents were asked to evacuate. North Carolina is not new to dealing with storms. The state’s Climate Office says that it … Continue reading

Breaks from social media are necessary

It’s amazing how much a change of atmosphere for two weeks can change your attitude toward something. That happened to me last month when I went on my honeymoon, the first vacation I’ve had in three years. It’s not every day a Pennsylvanian such as I has the opportunity to spend a week and a … Continue reading

Editor grapples with legacy, finds silver lining

“Legacy — what is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” This is an excerpt from “The World Was Wide Enough” from Broadway’s hit musical, “Hamilton.” In the context of the scene in which this song is performed, Alexander Hamilton is taking a moment to sing as he seems … Continue reading