Social Service League hosts Christmas-themed craft show

For four years, Christine Turcheck, an employee at Community Bank, has been the co-chairperson for the Social Service League’s Craft Show. The 23rd annual Social Service League Craft Show event took place Saturday, Nov. 4, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Waynesburg Central Elementary School, located at 90 Zimmerman Dr.

“We have great items that people can buy [from crafters] and awesome foods too,” said Turcheck. “Plus, [all of the money earned] is all for a good cause.”

To get into the event, people had to donate at least $2, and the Social Service League would also provide free child care while people were trying to buy items. The craft show is one of the largest events of its kind in Western Pennsylvania and brings in a lot of people from outside the area to Waynesburg.

There were hundreds of people from the tristate area who came to the event. There was a wide range of vendors with products including wooden crafts, jewelry, soap bars, stitched and hand tied quilts and photo booths. There was also food, including chicken noodle soup and fruit cobbler. All of the items and foods for the sale were homemade.

Most of the event took place indoors, but there were also some vendors and stands outdoors for people to buy from too, such as a popcorn and kettle corn vendor and a cupcake vendor as well.

The craft show is only one of the projects completed by the Socil Service League, according to Turcheck.

“The Social Service League is a non-profit women’s organization [founded in 1921 by Josephine Denny] to help benefit the children of the Central Greene School District,” said Turcheck. “For example, we do monthly food baskets ignore especially around Christmas time we will get clothes for kids who might need them and other stuff like that.”

From the plethora of vendors at the craft show, nine of them were there for the very first time. According to Turcheck the new vendors had homemade candies and other sweets, along with homemade chocolates, quilts, soaps, oils and face masks.

“I just love all of the things going on,” said Turcheck. “The hustle and bustle brings me excitement every year.”

Turcheck added that she loves helping out the school district because she is all for providing the best opportunities for the children.

People began lining up an hour before the event had started, because according to Turcheck, people look forward to the event all year long. The flow of people continued throughout the entire day too, making it feel as busy as possible.

“Overall it is just a great and fun event and it for a good cause and it is local and close,” said Turcheck. “I love it every single year and I know other people love it too.”

Turcheck said that she hopes to continue the tradition for many years to come and that more and more people come every year can to experience how much fun the event is.