Spring term update

There is a lot of anticipation around campus for the spring semester. After registering for classes, students know those classes will be in-person for the upcoming term. James Tanda, instructor of criminal justice and director of security operations and emergency management, said everyone plays a part in keeping students at the university.

“The success is attributed to not only the plan but the diligence of the students and employees in doing their part to wear masks, socially distance, continue good hygiene practices, quarantine [themselves] when asked to do so and get tested when necessary,” Tanda said.

Tanda has been very pleased with how everyone, top to bottom, has been handling themselves during such an unprecedented time. Tanda said students and teachers alike are working very hard in order to keep in-person classes and events possible; and while it isn’t easy to adjust to this new way of life on campus, students and staff alike are doing their very best.

Tanda also stated that the Keep Waynesburg Well plan will be more of the same in the spring semester. 

“The plan continues to change as needed throughout our response to the pandemic,” Tanda said. “These changes are a result of CDC Department of Health recommendations, but also what is what’s best for our students and staff.”

Like the fall semester, Tanda said we will not be having a spring break. 

“We will have ‘wellness days’ as needed in the spring semester,” Tanda said. “Our goal has always been to balance the safety of our campus community with the need for ‘normalcy’ that is desired during these times.”

One thing students can anticipate for the spring semester is the campus’ addition of Chick-fil-A.  Sophomore defensive lineman Logan Blakeman says he can hear workers hard at work on the new location, which will be ready at some point during the spring semester. 

“When I am in [athletic training] getting treatment and what not, I can literally hear the drills and hammers and when I hear that sound, I realize we are really about to have a Chick-fil-A on campus. It gets me really excited,” Blakeman said.

Dr. Shari Payne, vice president of enrollment, said the University’s Twitter and Instagram accounts will periodically update students on the progress of the popular restaurant. Not only will the addition of this eatery give students the opportunity to “eat mor chikin” but it also provides jobs for students around campus. 

“Students will absolutely be hired to work in the Chick-fil-A, just as they are in the Benedum Dining Hall, Beehive, Market and Starbucks,” Payne said. “Those positions will be filled by Aladdin Food Services.”

While students will have to remain diligent in these times, in-person classes and new places to eat on campus can certainly be something to look forward to in the spring semester.