Time for a break

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday passing, students are now looking forward to winter break and the holiday season. Even though the fall semester is coming to a close, that does not mean the learning and growing in students should stop until next semester. 

College is a short part of a student’s life. They have studied in grade school for at least 12 years, in college for 4-6 years, and then will likely spend around 50 years in the workforce. While it is short, the collegiate level of learning is paramount in a student’s future. They choose something they want to focus on and then spend those pivotal years honing their skills to reach the workforce level of performance. Breaks in between semesters are where students can either grow or lose some of their skills. To learn more and, at the very least, retain what skills they developed during the semester, students can do a myriad of things. Embracing the opportunity to work as an intern, work part-time in the field-of-interest, keep studying and take CLEP courses are a few ways to keep those skills sharp. 

While summer and winter breaks are meant for what they are explicitly titled, breaks, becoming stagnant in learning and developing can set back those skills. If someone is capable of running a 10k marathon and then does not train for multiple months, the person cannot go straight back to running 10ks like they used to. The same concept holds true with college and breaks. Not using those skills and mental muscles will cause memory loss and lower the skill level that was developed and risen in school. 

Keep working and training during breaks, but remember to rest. The school year can be draining and become arduous. Breaks are meant to replenish the energy and excitement of learning. So, while retaining those skills is important, do not work as tirelessly as in school. Prioritize taking care of the body and mind for the next school year. 

With the holiday season approaching, preparations beginning and winter break a little less than two weeks away, do not forget to practice those skills and exercise the muscle memory developed during school. Losing them will force the need to catch up when school starts again and hinder growth. Above all else, prioritize resting and regaining the love of learning for the next semester. The Yellow Jacket would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!