Utilize summer

Three months can be spent in a variety of ways

As April comes to a close and finals approaching, Waynesburg University students are preparing their summer plans. The three month break holds seemingly endless possibilities for students.

The question is, what should students with their three months?

Part-time jobs are a productive method to gain money for college bills and disposable income to relax and adventure during college. They also provide work experience to fill resumes.

Future juniors, seniors and some sophomores will intern at an organization in their field which aligns with their major. These are essential for a college education and could lead to a full-time job after graduation.

College can be stressful, and taking the summer off for a change of pace from the rush and constant assignments might be needed. A student’s summer might be filled with recuperation and time to pay attention to self-care as well as neglected people and hobbies.

Some approach summer with the mindset they won’t be in the country anymore. Study abroad students will make their arrangements and say final goodbyes before embarking on a new experience. They also may spend time with family and friends who they know they might not see for a long time.

Traveling with such friends or family is an option as well. Once students enter the workforce, they may not have the time to take two weeks off to travel to a state or country they have never been to before. The world contains many wonders, and everyone has places they want to see and interact with.

Some students will need to take summer courses in order to graduate in an efficient timeframe. Or perhaps the course they need is only offered in summer. Maybe they love to learn and want to further their education as much as they can at college.

Current seniors are preparing to go to work, finding permanent residence and finishing all the graduation paperwork. Graduation parties might be in the future. Some seniors will return to be super-seniors, while others will prepare for graduate education.

All these preparations are necessary and essential to furthering education and experience. For any year and major, however, rest should be a priority. Summer break is only three months, and that time goes by fast. College can be taxing on all personal aspects of life, so it’s important to rest whenever there’s time. Meet with family and friends, catch up on sleep, return to old hobbies and try new things.

College can take away from practiced skills and long term projects. Why not take the summer to return to those things? The days of month long breaks are coming to a close. There are no such breaks in the workforce, so take advantage of them now.

Whatever the summer holds, The Yellow Jacket would like to wish all faculty, staff, students and graduates a restful and purposeful break