Erin Lang

Notes of history

Roberts Chapel is home to many hymnals available for students during Tuesday services, but Eberly Library is the home to an older kind of hymnal. These hymnals contain shape notes and date back to the Civil War. The hope for the hymnals is to digitize their pages to be made available online for public viewing. … Continue reading

A trip to the past

Campus museum displays Walter Parr Collection

If you’re looking for an interesting place to go on campus, try the Paul R. Stewart Museum. Located in the basement of Miller Hall, you will find a large collection of “mineral specimens; fossils; Native American artifacts; local pottery and glass; objects and documents pertaining to the history of Waynesburg University; objects and documents with … Continue reading

b.f. maiz: A voice for the voiceless

With classes starting to get busy, students might be looking for places around campus to study. A popular location to study is Eberly Library, but what students may not know is what lies behind a set of double doors in the north wing: the b.f. maiz Center for Poetry and Biblical Justice. b.f. maiz was … Continue reading

The Yellow Jacket Print Newspaper is back for a Special Fall 2021 Edition.

Pick up your copy around campus Friday, December 3! Copies will also be available at select locations around the community. Happy holidays and happy reading!