Bowlby Library educates public with CPR course

     For the third consecutive year, the Eva K. Bowlby Public Library will be the host for a course instruction into cardiopulmonary resuscitation, otherwise known as CPR, with the demand to be certified in CPR seemingly higher than ever.

     Kathy Douglas, the public relations director for the Bowlby Library commented on how busy the event can be, as it is seemingly more common now to be CPR certified.

     “With so many employers requesting employees to be CPR certified, we began offering the classes years ago to meet the demand.” Douglas said, while also commenting on how the demand stretches all the way to the local universities as well. “Many university students were being required to also have CPR/AED certification, so that was another reason to offer the classes.”

     Along with her role as public relations director for the library, Douglas mentioned that she is also tasked with coordinating adult programs for the library, with her noting that this involves coordinating the times and dates for the classes with its director, Sharon Baughman.

     When it comes to the dates for the classes, they are to be all held on Saturdays, with the exact dates of March 25, April 29 and May 27. For further information on the event, such as needed materials and what the course will specifically entail, contact the Bowlby Library.