Dining hall workers adapt to COVID-19 changes

With the wave of COVID-19, many changes have been made at Waynesburg University, the most noticeable being in Benedum Dining Hall. Christopher Zaccheus, a dining hall employee, explained the main changes to the food system.

“Some of the changes that have been put in place are that workers have to serve all the food instead of serving themselves,” Zaccheus said. “The Beehive is now more of a Sheetz, the dining hall is now more organized.”

Another dining hall worker, Marina Hastings, elaborated further about the specific changes. 

At the start of school, we were having to hand students everything that they wanted. Students weren’t allowed to touch or grab anything on their own, we were having to swipe each individual card and now they swipe their own cards,” Hastings said. “At this time we still have to hand students pizza, cereal, silverware and condiments.”

When asked how he felt about the new changes done to the dining hall and beehive, Zaccheus expressed his appreciation for it. 

“I kind of like the changes that were done to the dining hall,” Zaccheus said. “But I do not particularly like the changes done to the Beehive.”

Hastings expressed her frustration with some aspects of the current system.

“At times I find it frustrating, such as having students be able to grab their own cups for beverages but not allowing them to grab their own silverware,” said Hastings. “Other than that it’s normal, we still have to wear gloves when touching food.”

Overall, both student workers agree that the system put in place is alright.

“I do not feel like the dining hall needs improvement,” Zaccheus said. “I believe it is great the way it is.”

Hastings added how she feels the new system adheres to the regulations put in place.

“I think the setup they have is good and to change it would be going against COVID regulations,” Hastings said.

Hastings agrees with the changes but not so much the reason for the changes. 

“I think in one way the dining hall system is smart but the reason they have it is not so much. It’s smart because it creates organization and order. It’s dumb because there are far more occasions that students can get exposed to COVID rather than going in the wrong direction,” Hastings said. “Most students come in with friends that they most likely have already been near and touched objects that have been exposed. Going a certain direction to slow the spread of COVID is just silly because of that.”