Dorsch prepares eHive & Makers Space for upcoming events

Waynesburg University alumna Cassy Dorsch, director of the eHIVE and Nest, is seeing the results of planning and effort that includes the anticipated grand opening Feb. 16 of the new Makerspace.

Before Dorsch came into the position of director of the eHIVE, she held the role of Program Coordinator for Entrepreneurial Leadership, contributing to the eHIVE from 2019 to August 2022. She then made the transition to director of the eHIVE and Nest, where she remains to the present day.

Dorsch said that as director of the eHIVE, she is responsible for overseeing its day-to-day operations, such as managing the space, organizing events and competitions, providing coaching and spearheading the development of the new and upcoming Makerspace. When asked what she found most rewarding about her position, Dorsch replied, “I love working with our students and the team in general.” She also said she enjoyed seeing the growth of the eHIVE and expanding its connections with the student body and various departments across the campus. 

Melinda Walls, who is the W. Robert Stover Chair for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, works very closely with Dorsch on matters of the eHIVE and Makerspace and on academic programming and entrepreneurial work. Walls was able to give insight on Dorsch’s character. Walls said Dorsch is a “…tremendous example of success from a Waynesburg University student.” Walls also said that as director of the eHIVE, Dorsch excelled in working with people and students, as she was pleasant to work with and maintained a professional yet kind attitude. 

According to Walls, if Dorsch saw a problem, she would roll up her sleeves and get to work, no matter how long the task may take. Walls said that Dorsch has positively affected the eHIVE ever since she took over as director, she has had a strong impact on everything she has worked on, from the making and design of the Makerspace to being a key leader in all the competitions held by the eHIVE. Walls said, “She is an incredibly important member of the team.”

Dorsch expressed interest in the eHIVE’s upcoming initiatives and activities, such as the long-anticipated Makerspace having its grand opening on Feb. 16. The Makerspace, which is located on the ground floor of the Stover Campus Center, is the eHIVE’s next major step towards expanding student opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors. Dorsch also said the eHIVE began hosting its new Shark Tank series. Dorsch said this series, which started on Jan. 30 and is scheduled to end on April 23, consists of workshops designed to teach students the skills necessary to effectively present ideas.