Greene County, statewide election results in

Results are in for Pennsylvania in the 2022 midterm election.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of State website, for the United States Senator position, John Fetterman [D] had a total of 2,715,547 votes statewide to win with 51.03%, to beat Mehmet Oz [R] who had a total of 2,476,754 votes statewide with 46.55%. 

As for the race for governor, Joshua Shapiro [D] had a total of 2,996,672 votes with 56.31% to beat Douglas Mastriano [R] who had a total of 2,229,442 votes with 41.89%.

Locally, the same website revealed that in Greene County, 4,392 people voted for Fetterman, and 8,348 people voted for Oz to take the Senate seat. 

For the Governor election, 5,140 people voted for Shapiro and 7,706 people voted for Mastriano in Greene County.

In addition, the 50th Legislative District race for the Representative in the General Assembly was another race of popularity in the recent election. In Greene County, 4,645 people voted for Doug Mason [D], and 8,379 people voted for Bud Cook [R].

In Greene County, the director of board of elections, Judy Snyder, offered some comments on the local voting turnout.

When asked how many registered voters actually voted in total in the general election, Snyder commented, “We had a 60.49% voter turnout,” and “Number wise that is 13,285 out of 21,963 registered voters that voted either at the polls or by mail-in/absentee ballot.” This percentage encompasses all methods of voting with a total of 13,285 voters.

When asked if she was surprised by the turnout in any way, she said, “It was higher than I expected but the races were very important, I was guessing at least a 50% turnout.” 

She was also asked if she would consider, in her opinion, this election a good turnout of voters.

“Yes, it was a great showing of the voters of Greene County,” she said.

Snyder said that the turnout was greater this year than it was last year.

“In the general election in 2021 (which was a local municipal election) our voter turnout was 8,227.”

Additionally, in the 2020 general election, which was a presidential election year, Greene County reported 17,776 voters in total. The 2021 Primary Election in Greene County recorded 8,317 voters in total, while to 2022 Primary Election recorded 7,376 voters.These reports were found on the Greene County Board of Elections website which features more information on past elections and can be found at