High Street Hosts Vendors for Local Farmers Market

Despite summer coming to a close, the weather is still warm and inviting, which allows the borough of Waynesburg to host several outdoor events such as fairs, parades, and even, farmers and flea markets. In the parking lot next to Domino’s Pizza on High St., several vendors set up their stands to have those in the community and anyone who passes by grab some fresh produce and other items that might draw an interest.

     Fred McConn,  owner of the Harden’s Family Farm & Market vendor, spoke on the history of the farmers market in Waynesburg. According to McConn, the Waynesburg farmers market originated over two decades ago.

     “The market started about twenty years ago at the Baptist Church, then we moved to the legion, then we moved by the courthouse, then we moved up here for the summer,” said McConn. 

McConn also noted that despite his ownership of the vendor, this will be his last week running it before he departs for his vacation. Among the items McConn had to sell, which amounted to nothing but produce, the owner listed what products are able to draw customers his way.

     “A lot of tomatoes and corn and just a full line of vegetables.” McConn said, while also noting that he and his family go to Chambersburg, PA to get other produce such as peaches, plums, and other fruits.

     Other vendors, such asDoris Minn, who not only serves as the owner of the Dyer’s Fort Farm vendor at the market but was also a secretary for Waynesburg University until 2019 and has been running her the following year, elaborated on how her stand works and what she is able to sell the most. However, some of what Minn offered  differed from what was offered by the other vendors.

     “I sell plants, I sell hanging baskets, I sell okra, green peppers, cucumbers, I have corn sometimes, it depends what’s in season,” said Minn.

     Minn also spoke about the other areas where her stand is located, which includes the Greene County Fairgrounds.

     “I’m at the fairgrounds every Saturday from 9 to 1, we have the farmers market there and we just started it this year,” said Minn.

     Minn, who spoke on how she was born and raised in Greene County, discussed how she sees events like the several markets in the area add a lot to the tight knit community that the county is known for. 

“I think a lot of people like it,” Minn said.“They enjoy it, they buy things, it is a really good thing to have for the community.” 

Minn also stated that her time at the university made her have even more appreciation for how close people were here, emphasizing how nice everyone is to each other.

     The farmers market on High St. will be open every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m until the halfway point of Oct.