Jackets Men’s and Women’s soccer fall to Steubenville (From 9-29-21)

Both teams drop first games in PAC conference play

By: Marley Wolf

For the Yellow Jacket

Both Waynesburg University men’s and women’s soccer teams traveled to Steubenville, Ohio to compete in their first PAC conference games of the year. Both teams fell short to the Barons during the process. 

This loss brings Waynesburg’s women’s record to 4-4 overall and 0-1 in the conference. 

After a scoreless first half, Waynesburg put in the first goal of the game to take the lead over Franciscan. The goal was scored by Freshman Haley Johnson, with the assist going to Freshman Demaree Livingston.

The Barons not only matched their goal but they added another one, eventually winning over the Yellow Jackets 2-1.

Although Waynesburg’s women’s team fell short, their head coach George DeAgustino said that there is a lot he is proud about. One thing being the high number of shot attempts his players were able to get off. 

“Yes there were many positives, even though we did not get the outcome we would have liked, I am still very proud of them,” DeAgustino said.

The Yellow Jackets had five corner kicks compared to their competition of only one. Waynesburg also had nine shot attempts, while Fransciscan had five. 

This loss for Waynesburg’s men’s team brings their record to 1-7 overall and 0-1 in conference play. 

The Barons took an early lead of 2-0 at the half over the Yellow Jackets during the men’s matchup. 

In the second half of play, Waynesburg put in two goals, one goal was by Freshman Seth Massotti, making it his fourth goal in two games. The Yellow Jacket’s second goal came from Sophomore Logan Corradi. 

According to Massotti, the team’s second half spark that led to these goals is the result of the team coming together at halftime. 

“When we stepped on the field we all got together and talked about how this game was either going to be won or lost in the first 20 minutes, so when we came out and scored a goal within the first 20 minutes we got some momentum,” Massotti said. “Unfortunately the other team put a goal in and we lost some of the momentum, but we stayed together as a family and that is how we got two goals together in the second half.”

Waynesburg’s men ended up being defeated 2-5 by Fransiscan. They plan on using this loss as motivation as they go into the remainder of the season, with playoffs in mind. 

“Coach’s big thing is just to ‘flush it’,” Massotti said. “Every time we lose we learn from it, we ‘flush it’ and then we move on to the next game. We still have 8 more games in the PAC so there is still definitely room for improvement.”