Laughter Takes the Spotlight: “WU’s Line”

Inside Waynesburg University’s Department of Fine Arts, laughter returns, as their improv shows take center stage Feb. 22 at 9:30 pm in the Goodwin Performing Arts Center. Spontaneous comedy, showcasing talent and capturing the audience’s attention is what it is all about. 

The Waynesburg University show named “WU’s Line,” is inspired by a well-known improv show in the industry. “The nature of this show was a result of the show, ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’” said Edward Powers, director of theater, “However, ‘WU’s Line’ is not a copy of the show, it’s used just as inspiration.” 

Starting in 2008, the aim of these improv shows has always been to be a welcoming environment for the campus of Waynesburg to come and enjoy. “I feel like everyone needs a laugh at certain points,” said Lauren Royesky, student director of “WU’s Line.”

Royesky has always loved acting and performing throughout her life, “I have always been into the theater arts, I have been performing since I was five years old,” Royesky said. Since coming to Waynesburg, she has been involved with the theater department in multiple ways. “I just love the environment we create with the cast, I think that everyone just forms into a little family, where we can get together and joke around,” Royesky expressed when mentioning what her favorite part of getting to participate in the shows and productions was. 

Royesky, being a psychology major with a counseling minor has still found time to perform while being involved with other commitments on campus. “I knew that even though it wasn’t my major or minor that I still wanted to be a part of the theater program,” Royesky added. 

Various actors and actresses have different majors and minors than one in the Department of Fine Arts. Haley Pattison, a freshman Marine Biology major has become heavily involved with the theater department in her short time here. “This is the first time I’ve done a show like this, it’s really great I just get to come in and have fun for an hour,” Pattison noted when talking about her involvement in “WU’s Line.”

“There is a host that directs the show and tells the games to the audience, then we have the seven to eight cast members who only know the games we’re playing, they do not know who’s going to be in what or what the situation or scenarios are going to be,” Royesky stated when asked what the show is comprised of. Even though she is the student director and picks what goes on in each production, her host, Zoe Belknap, is the one who picks who, when, and what goes on during the show. 

Inside the Department of Fine Arts, improv is very popular, as Powers and a group of students had first come up with the idea and are still going strong today. “The nature of improv is to make it up as you go along,” Powers said when asked about how one would prepare for a show like this, as the “WU’s Line” cast does practice these games for the show twice a week. 

“WU’s Line” prepares for two shows a semester, aiming to put one on during the first couple months, and then again as the semester wraps up. “Ever since I’ve been here there have been two shows and honestly, I think two shows are pretty good,” Royesky said when asked if she is considering instilling more productions per semester. 

“Just because of how late the shows are, they are mostly campus oriented,” Royesky said when she was asked about who the main audience was for these performances. However, they are open to anyone who wants to come.