Local band “Soldiers and Sons” coming to Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse tomorrow at 8 p.m. in the BeeHive will provide students with an opportunity to sit down, socialize and caffeinate as the semester reaches its climax. Taking the stage in the BeeHive for the third time will be local band, Soldiers and Sons. They will be providing live music and entertainment while students sit back and sip on their beverages. 

“It’s a great form of community, a great time to relax and just sit and talk with friends,” Ivy Allen, sophomore advertising major and athletic fun and fitness chairperson of the Student Activities Board, said. 

Allen will be helping to facilitate with a few other student members of SAB. It is a free event and coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cookies will be available to students who attend, with the chance to win a free, exclusive mug. The first one-hundred students will be given a ticket which can be turned in for their mug by the end of the night. This semester’s mugs have been a variety of different colors and have followed a speckled pattern.

“I always get excited to see what mug they will have. They always come in a series, and I’ve really liked this semester’s in particular,” Allen said. 

Allen is unsure of the exact design that will be offered tomorrow. 

Soldiers and Sons is led by Matthew Stewart and his brother Andrew Stuart. They have performed various gigs including leading worship tours in Guatemala, playing at the Ignition youth event in Pittsburgh and at various churches throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

“It’s another fun thing for us to do together; growing up we did everything together,” Matthew Stewart said. 

Students can expect to hear a combination of pop covers, originals and worship songs with some intermittent stories in between from the two brothers. Matthew Stewart leads worship on Sunday mornings at the Waynesburg Bible Chapel located on East Greene Street,

and said that faith plays a large role in his career as a musician.

“I’ve probably been playing for the last fifteen years or so. It has always been a hobby that Andrew and I really enjoyed. God just kept opening doors to bigger scales and new places,” Stewart said. “I am excited to come out and share a little bit about my story and also to share the gospel through story.”

Allen said she is familiar with the group through their songs published on Spotify, iTunes and other online streaming sources.

“I am really excited to see what songs they will play and being able to hear them live for the first time will be nice,” Allen said. 

Stewart said he looks forward to engaging with the college crowd.

“I am really looking forward to the atmosphere. It is usually a very engaging crowd, in tune with what we are doing,” Stewart said.

The atmosphere will be one to help students unwind, relax, study, and chat with friends just as finals week is on the horizon.