March County Commissioner meeting recaps

Brady's Roadhouse

On Wednesday March 3, the Greene County commissioners met to place various proclamations, service agreements and community issues on their agenda. They then met on Thursday March 4 to approve these items. 

At the Thursday meeting, they also congratulated Greene County resident Jazzy Strope on receiving the 2021 Achievement Award through the Greene County Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services Program (IDD). She received the award at the commissioners meeting from IDD Administrator, Deneen Shrade.

The commissioners approved the resignation of Matt Cumberledge from the Tourist Promotion Agency Board of Directors. Commissioner Besty McClure thanked Cumberledge for his service. “I’m just very appreciative of Matt’s service on the Tourism Board. I’d like to thank him for that,” McClure said.

The commissioners also saw issues with funding source requirements for the Wisecarver project. They approved the rejection of all bids on the Wisecarver Recreation Area Softball Facility as a result of the issues.

“That will be re-bid once we get the administrative requirements sorted out,” commissioner Mike Belding said. “So we’re still moving forward with the project, just a small delay for administrative requirements.” 

The commissioners were able to approve development on the Wisecarver Park. The pipeline easement project will be run by the Williams Facility and Greene County’s Department of Planning and Community Development. Rich Cleveland was also appointed as signatory of the project.

Some grants with PennDOT were discussed and approved to assist with maintenance and reduce losses from COVID-19. The Consolidating Operating Grant is for a total amount of $315,032. The grant is intended to cover last year’s fiscal year loss from COVID-19, as well as this year’s projected loss resulting from a reduction in trips. The Capital Equipment Grant with PennDOT is for a total of $178,747. The grant will be used for the addition of two new vehicles and new tablets. Garage maintenance will also be performed. 

Two “dirt and gravel road” contracts were also approved for 2021. The Aleppo Township Dirt and Gravel Road Contract will be for construction on Jacobs Road and Hewitt Run Road. Workers will be installing storm pipes, replacing other pipes and working on the surface of the road. The contract is for the total amount of  $110,800.00, with Aleppo township contributing up to $27,700.00 as an in-kind match. 

The second contract is the Springhill Township Dirt and Gravel Road Contract, and will be for construction on Coon Run Road. Workers will replace and install one bottomless culvert structure. The total amount for the contract is $78,400.00, and Springhill township will contribute up to $19,600.00 as an in-kind match.

The subject of Veterans’ graves was a focus of the meetings. The commissioners approved twenty-two agreements for the care and maintenance of 1,837 veterans’ graves. The agreements are for $3.00 per grave, costing a total of $5,511. The specific agreements can be found on the Greene County Commissioners’ website under their minutes for the meeting.

The commissioners also approved the month of March as Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month.