Roles new & improved eHive plays for Waynesburg Univ.

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholars, also known as eHIVE Scholars, play a vital role at Waynesburg University, acting as entrepreneurial ambassadors. The eHIVE Scholars help plan and organize campus events in addition to advertising for the eHIVE.

Sadie Mink, one of the first Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholars, was able to provide some background as to how and why she became a Scholar, and what she does as one. Mink said she applied for the eHIVE scholarship in the spring of her sophomore year and successfully received it for the following year. 

She was able to apply for the scholarship because her major had a focus on entrepreneurship, and it was an academic scholarship, so it would help with tuition costs. Additionally, Mink said, “I wanted to get more connected with the eHIVE and be a more contributing factor to the events they put on.”

As for how Mink personally contributes to the eHIVE, her main role is graphic design. Mink said, “I’ll design flyers for advertising events along with social media posts and web banners.” One of her current projects is designing short-form video content for the Shark Tank series. 

Another one of the eHIVE Scholars, Morgan Bedilion, was able to provide her personal story as to why and how she became an eHIVE Scholar through an email interview. Bedilion wrote that she had first been introduced to the eHIVE scholarship program during one of her many visits to the University. Doing some additional research at home, Bedilion liked what the program was about, decided to apply and was accepted. 

As for why she was interested in the first place, Bedilion wrote, “My great-grandparents, grandparents and parents all owned and operated their own businesses. I grew up always helping somewhere and always wanted to learn more.” So, when she saw Waynesburg University offered an Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, the decision was clear.

When asked what Bedilion personally does as an eHIVE Scholar, she chose instead to highlight the teamwork of the Scholars. The eHIVE Scholars often work together as a group for their events; Bedilion wrote, “We have meetings to discuss planning and how to bring creative and innovative thinking into the activities we put on.”  

In the 2022-2023 academic year, the year when the Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholars were first founded, there were three notable examples of the Scholars’ work: the Study Break Cookie Decorating Competition, the Valentine’s Day flower sale and a Graduation flower sale. The purpose of the Study Break Cookie Decorating Competition was to spark creativity during finals week. The Graduation flower sale sold 25 bouquets, according to the eHIVE 2022-2023 Academic Year Entrepreneurial Leadership Annual Report, and the profits made from the Valentine’s Day flower sale, selling roses and carnations, went directly to the eHIVE scholarship program and to fund any materials for future events.