Imagine a daily fight for life in Syria

When I realized that I was responsible for writing the Cheat Sheet this week, I was dead set on writing about the whole Neil Gorsuch debacle. It’s actually a pretty good thing that I procrastinated on doing the Cheat Sheet, because if I had written it by the deadline I’m supposed to follow, it would … Continue reading

The ‘Sophomore Slump’ is a real thing

I’ve struggled with anxiety for my entire life. I remember being in elementary school, going to the nurse at least once or twice a week with a pounding heart, feeling like I was looking down at myself from the ceiling. As a classic hypochondriac, I of course thought I was dying. But, to my relief, … Continue reading

Cheat Sheet: Sanders rallies in coal country to help miners

Mere months ago, Republican Party candidate Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders were drawing massive crowds and appealing to millions, despite not being the most popular choice by their own party, according to some polls. Trump, a political outsider, was opposed by all other Republican candidates during the race, while Sanders created a … Continue reading

As Relay nears, question of funding emerges

People love donating money. They love the feeling they get from doing “good.” Relay for Life here at Waynesburg University is no different. People raise money, do some walking and at the end of the day go home satisfied thinking they made a difference in the fight against cancer. However, the average person wont look … Continue reading

Political correctness hate doesn’t make sense

According to the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of Americans believe that people are too easily offended about what others say. As a result, perhaps one of the most divisive terms in society right now is “political correctness.” The same study by Pew broke down some of the statistics even further. Sixty-seven percent of black … Continue reading

The Yellow Jacket Print Newspaper is back for a Special Fall 2021 Edition.

Pick up your copy around campus Friday, December 3! Copies will also be available at select locations around the community. Happy holidays and happy reading!