Senior Spotlight: Sefick finds home in secondary, looking to play at the highest level

Waynesburg University senior football player Brennan Sefick’s playing career had some challenges. After he started 5 games as a freshman, Sefick missed his entire sophomore season with an injury. Sefick came back strong, however, and posted two strong campaigns to end his college football career.

In 2018 and ‘19, he was named second-team All-PAC, and as a senior, earned second-team All-ECAC honors. He also had five interceptions in those two years. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sefick was supposed to have an NFL pro day in front of scouts. With those plans on hold for now, he is still making the best of the situation.

“I’m going to do my own film day with my trainer,” Sefick said. “It was definitely unfortunate not being able to do the pro day with scouts there. You still must find a way to get your numbers out to them. So, that’s what I plan on doing.”

Sefick is fortunate to have a home gym to continue his training. He was working on his speed and agility at a gym before they closed to get ready for his pro day workout. In all of the madness, he wants to keep things as ordinary as possible.

“I’m going to do all the drills that they normally do at the combine,” Sefick said. “The [40-yard dash], broad [jump], vertical and then the short shuttles.”

Sefick think it’s important to be in the right state of mind, especially if a drill doesn’t go the way he wants it to.

“You have to have a strong mindset that not everything is going to be perfect when you do it,” he said. “You have to move to the next drill and be strong mentally and be positive.”

Sefick didn’t always think that he had a chance to go to the NFL. The more work he put in, the more he started to believe in that dream.

“Probably over the summer of last year is when I really thought that I could have a chance, if I put in the work and had a good season,” Sefick said. “If I got my testing numbers where they need to be that I could have a good shot [of] at least getting a look.”

Sefick began his college career at Alderson Broaddus University, but decided to transfer to Waynesburg after half a semester. Two players really helped him while beginning his football journey. They were former linebacker and current graduate assistant coach Brent Blacharczyk and former cornerback Justin Willkow.

“[Blacharczyk] was just a great leader and welcomed me…,” Sefick said. [Willkow]  was a great corner. He really showed me the way of how DBs play defense under coach [Scott] Venick. I think the best advice was just watching him. That was just the best thing for me was to just watch his technique, his work ethic in the weight room.”

It was hard for Sefick to pinpoint one favorite memory with the Yellow Jackets.

“I enjoyed it all. I enjoyed camp and practice and spring ball,” Sefick said. “It was a great opportunity. I made so many great friends, relationships with coaches. You see how great of an opportunity it is just to play college football at any level. Especially with everything that’s going on right now. You just got to enjoy it while you can.”