Student Activities Board implements new incentive card

As the spring semester begins, the Student Activities Board starts off the year in full force, as multiple events have already been planned and with that, a new idea to promote attendance has arisen.

         Starting at this semester’s ‘welcome-back bingo,’ members of the SAB staff handed out incentive cards. It was explained that any student who brought back their card to any SAB event would be able to go to the person running the event, get it initialed and then use it for the rest of the events to come.  Once a student fills in all ten spaces, they can submit the card into a raffle and be in the running for a “big prize.”

         Graduate Assistant for the Student Engagement Office, Alyssa D’Alessandro, explains that this was done in the hopes of getting students involved. “We do all these great events and obviously want more students to come,” she states. “We love our students and we do all these fun things for our students and we just try really hard to get the word out there.”

         D’Alessandro said the SAB’s goal is to reach the students who are not as aware of all the events going on. She then continues on to explain that students who are not keeping up with the emails and Instagram posts put out by the board next to their office on the third floor of Stover are often missing all the events that they have planned. This incentive card can be a great way to remind students to stay updated and informed so that they can go to these events and fill out their card.

         Freshman SAB member Lluvia Suarez explains her hopes for the new cards. “I hope that It brings more ideas to the club in keeping more people engaged.” There are multiple events that they have worked to plan that don’t get the reaction they hope for, and in these situations, it is important to hear the opinions of the students. These cards are the first of many ideas that aim to explore different options in student engagement. With more students coming to the events, the more responses and feedback the board receives and more changes can be made.” Suarez said.

         All members of the SAB are feeling hopeful and are excited to see what changes these incentive cards will bring to the events according to Suarzes. Alongside that, they always enjoy being able to give things to the students and this prize is no exception with the hopes of being even grander than any normal prize. With no official reveal as to what this “big prize” is, students can focus on getting their signatures and enjoying all the events that SAB has planned for this semester.