Students learn through Bible study groups

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Bible study groups are in full swing this semester. Students have the opportunity to choose from five study groups, each with a unique lesson. Posters advertising each group can be found in each dorm building.

SWEP resident life director and assistant director of campus ministry, Lauren White, leads one of the  study groups with campus ministry assistants Kelsey Shook and Becky Shank. This particular group’s title is Beautifully Broken, and is specifically for women. This group focuses on sexual brokenness.

All Bible study groups started virtually, and eventually started meeting in person. 

Each group has a maximum of 15 people due to COVID-19. All group members are required to wear a mask and physically distance during the meeting. At the end of the meeting, all touched surfaces are sanitized, said White.

White encourages students to join or create groups.

“College is a time where we’re trying to find ourselves and understand who we are growing to be,” White said.

Creating a Bible study group is not limited to campus ministry assistants, anyone can start a group. 

Waynesburg University Chaplain Josh Sumpter said the best way to create a small group is to decide the topic of study, invite people to the group and speak to White about advertising for the group. 

However, CMA’s receive training, and funding towards resources for each semester. 

Interested in becoming a CMA? The application for CMA’s is located on the bulletin board on MyConnect.