The world has changed and so have we

 I never imagined a world where mud masks wouldn’t be the first thing to pop up if you typed ‘face mask’ into the search bar on Amazon. Now, the page is full of the cloth masks with different fabric options and ones that claim to be more breathable.

I’ve always been a go-with-the-flow kind of gal. Things happen. The world changes. I know nobody wants to be wearing masks, but right now that’s just what we have to do.

I’m also a people watcher. To my surprise, most people that I see going out in public during this pandemic have the same thought process that I do; just wear the masks and get stuff done.

It doesn’t seem to be the same online though. Facebook users hide behind their screens to complain about not being able to breath properly or that being forced to wear masks infringes on our rights. It’s not hard to wear a mask. Is it fun? No. But if everything we did was fun; it wouldn’t be real life. Sometimes we just have to put up with inconveniences.

The biggest thing that I don’t understand about these Facebook complaints are the people saying they won’t be ‘sheep.’ That complaint can be used in anything, but I think it’s the change that’s bringing it up now.

Imagine if we didn’t have lines on any roads and you could drive wherever you wanted as long as you didn’t hurt anyone. Everyone would be used to that. Now if someone decided one day to create a new slew of rules and slapped down some lines on the road, the ‘sheep’ argument could easily be used. People aren’t complaining about wearing masks, they’re upset over change in general.

Students in grade school have been taught to adapt to change and not question new rules, which is a big reason I believe my generation has been so cooperative throughout the pandemic. We’ve grown up being told what not to do and who to listen to. Sometimes it’s good that we’ve grown up this way, and the pandemic is a perfect example.

Personally, I’ve been getting used to wearing my mask every day. It almost feels like getting used to wearing glasses. Yes, I can see the frames around my eyes, but they aren’t a nuisance. I noticed it in one of my morning classes. I could see the fabric of my mask, but it wasn’t bothering me.

As much as we all hate the phrase ‘new normal,’ that’s what it’s becoming. We now check our pockets for phones, wallets, and masks.  It’s just one more thing to add to the list.

Masks don’t have to be such an unpleasant experience. Wear the masks with fun designs. I’m a college student wandering around with a Hello Kitty mask on because it makes me laugh. Glue gemstones on them. Paint them. Make the masks so they make you laugh or smile. Make them so you aren’t mad at them. Wear them.

No one is making you wear a mask to try to control you. If that was the case, they would’ve found a better way. This pandemic will only get better if we put in the work to make it better.