Waynesburg U. recognized for student outcomes

For the fourth consecutive year, Waynesburg University has been named a College of Distinction. Colleges of Distinction awards this title to schools that excel in student engagement, teaching, community and outcomes.                                                                              

According to the website, Colleges of Distinction was created in 2000 to make sure students and their parents are able to find the best school for them.

“College of Distinction graduates are prepared for anything,” according to the website. “They are strong writers, speakers and thinkers because their professors have encouraged and challenged them one-on-one. They have meaningful professional experience from internships and advanced research, and they know how to work together with people different than themselves because they have been active on campus, traveled abroad and pursued service opportunities.” 

Graduates from a school with this title are claimed to be the best prepared for anything a professional job can throw at them.

In order to be named a College of Distinction, a school’s curriculum “must emphasize such core competencies as critical thinking, writing, oral skills, research and global perspectives,” according to the website. Colleges and universities are awarded this title after being nominated and going through long evaluations and interviews.                                        

This prestigious title helps Waynesburg University stand out to exploring high school students who have begun their college search by demonstrating that Waynesburg University is about more than just attending classes and getting good grades. A good college experience also includes having the confidence that the education the students receive will be beneficial outside of the classroom.

“Taken together, our ranking and awards paint the picture of a highly valuable education,” said Stacey Brodak, vice president for Institutional Advancement and University Relations. “A Waynesburg University degree is not only affordable, but it is one with a reputation for positive outcomes, both personally and professionally, for both our students and the communities in which they live and work. Our students grow extraordinarily during their time on our beautiful campus, and the recognition we receive attests to that.”

The College of Distinction title isn’t the only award Waynesburg has received this year. Many of the university’s programs have been highly praised for their educational benefits in and out of the classroom. Along with earning the College of Distinction award for the 2019-2020 academic year, Waynesburg has received other awards including: the Christian Colleges of Distinction award and the Nursing Colleges of Distinction award for the 2019-2020 school year.                                                                                                                          

“Waynesburg University has built a reputation for outstanding values and outcomes,” Brodak said. “We know that those qualities are important to our students. Maintaining that reputation is a differentiator for our University. Ranking and recognition such as this are important to our retention and recruitment efforts.”