Waynesburg University sees more opportunities grow with ministry partners, Urban Impact

Waynesburg University

Waynesburg University continues to offer students opportunities to expand their service experiences. The most recent opportunity includes a partnership with The Urban Impact Foundation. With the recent visit of Dr. Rev. Ed Glover, the president of Urban Impact, students were able to hear what they could get involved in and more about the mission of the foundation.

The Urban Impact Foundation is a non-profit ministry based company in Pittsburgh that provides different opportunities for students of all ages, centered around Christian community development. They provide educational and arts opportunities, camps and retreats, housing service work as well as other projects. 

According to Urban Impact’s website, their mission is “to do our part in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission on the North Side of Pittsburgh by following His model of holistic ministry by investing in the lives of at-risk children, youth, and their families in order to develop responsible followers of Christ.” 

Their numerous programs and registration information can all be found on their website.

University chaplain and ​​instructor of biblical & ministry studies, Josh Sumpter, expressed that this partnership is a wonderful opportunity for members of the school to get involved in. 

“As far as organizations go, Urban Impact lines up really well with the heartbeat of Waynesburg University. We want to encourage people to grow in their faith, but we also want to be a community that serves others so that we can transform our communities.”

Sumpter said that there are a number of ways for students to be a part of the foundation, including sending students there to be included in short term mission trips to fulfill the service mission Waynesburg University embodies. 

He mentioned that for students who are about to graduate or are thinking past college, Urban Impact is also looking for people to work for their organization in the future. With that, they have a fellows program for upcoming graduates that let’s them partner with the company to be an “urban missionary.” This position requires each participating student to live in the Pittsburgh neighborhood for a whole year and work with the organization to serve those in the community. Afterwards, they also have the ability to make it a full time employment, live in Pittsburgh and continue working for Urban Impact.

This partnership isn’t just for students with a degree in ministry. Urban Impact is looking for athletes, students in the arts, business leaders and even teachers. 

“All majors and all people, if you have a gift and want to serve people, I’m sure they have a role or opportunity for you,” Sumpter said.

Dr. Rev. Ed Glover spoke at a recent Chapel service. When referencing his presentation at Waynesburg, he said he “really loved it.” 

He brought some of his students and staff to the campus as well to talk about the different opportunities they had to offer. Glover said the students he met were “extremely genuine and desiring to make a difference.” 

He also noted that the faculty and leadership that he met were “so hospitable, inviting, enthusiastic about what we’re doing, and really open about how we could build the Kingdom of God together.” 

He really saw a future with the partnership between Urban Impact and Waynesburg University.

“We’re trying to allow people to see how the Lord can really transform a community,” Glover said. 

Their goal is to find the people with the “desire to fulfill the great commission and build God’s kingdom,” and give them the opportunity to work in communities outside their own and put their different skills to practice. 

“We invest in you, and you invest in us,” he said. “We’re here to minister the whole gospel, to the whole person, in the context of the whole community.”

In regards to the future, Sumpter is looking forward to seeing the continuous growth across the campus through these upcoming opportunities, and also to see how the alumni use this resource to not only their advantage but for the glory of God. He believes these connections will be very fruitful for the future.

Glover says that he is very hopeful for the future and what Urban Impact can do for Waynesburg University. He said that the end goal is to help people fulfill their calling and purpose and to help people know who they are in Christ so that they can build the Kingdom of God. 

He hopes that the students and faculty involved can learn to “not just live for the temporary but live for that which is eternal.”

More information about upcoming opportunities, registrations and contact information can be found on Urban Impact’s website, https://uifpgh.org/.