Waynesburg University to allow animals for students

Waynesburg University is set to allow more students the chance to have pets on campus starting in the fall semester of 2023.

While many of the students were away over winter break. human resources were setting out to release big information to the students.

“This has been in talks ever since I started working here in May,” said Blair Howarth, associate dean of student development. “This could be key for students throughout the semester when they need a break…. This sparked an interest for some students who are allergic to some of the animals eligible to be presented on campus,” Howarth said.

As the students’ health and safety is the number one priority, Howarth said. “Students who are allergic to the animals, most likely won’t be around them. However, if they are near the animals, they will be taken care of properly.” 

Although the University will be allowing more animals on campus, there will certainly be some restrictions.

“This won’t take place everywhere on campus,” Howarth said. “There will be a hall on the southern part of campus called the pet friendly hall, this will be the only place we allow the animals.”

For those students who decide to live in that hall that may have a reaction, they will be notified. They will then be suggested to move to another hall, as staff will know from the registration.

“Students will have to go through a series of forums to live in the hall and students with the possibility of having a reaction will be noted of what is going on, to ensure their safety,” Howarth said.

“This doesn’t mean students will be permitted to have as many pets as they want.” Howarth continued to say, “there will be a limit as to how many, and it will most likely be one per person.”

Several students are really excited for this news. As many have voiced their opinions in a positive way.

One of those students is a sports media major, Haley Rhine.

“It’s a really good change for the University, being able to have your pet there with you can do a lot for someone through the semester,” she said. “If you’re having a bad day or going through a rough time it is always nice to have your pet next to you.”