Waynesburg University’s IJM Club to hold silent art auction on Thursday

This Thursday, April 20, Waynesburg University’s International Justice Mission club will be hosting a silent art auction from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in room 302 on the third floor of the Stover Center.

The club aims to spread awareness and fundraise support that will be sent directly to the IJM organization.

“The International Justice Mission, it’s an organization that fights to end human trafficking, modern-day slavery, domestic violence as well as sexual violence, and police brutality,” said IJM club President, Mackenzie Sanders. “They collect funds and they use those to help rescue victims and support victims.”

The money being fundraised from this auction will go directly to the IJM, and Sanders said that the club will be accepting general donations. People can still attend and show their support even if they do not bid on any of the artwork.

There will be a registration table where attendees will provide their name, email and phone number in order for the auction holders to contact the winning bidders.

Each attendee will be given their own individual number.

“As you go around looking at the art, we’ll have sheets of paper where you write your number so we can keep it anonymous, as well as your bid,” Sanders said.

The IJM club Vice President, Mia Baranowski, said that all of the included pieces of art were donations from students, friends and families.

There are people on campus looking forward to bidding on a few of the pieces of art, including Denny and Ray Halls’ Resident Director Essence Suggs.

“I’m really excited,” Suggs said. “I really hope that I get a painting.”

Outside of the upcoming event, Sanders and Baranowski said that the IJM club is also actively accepting new members.

“Hopefully next semester, we’re hoping to get participation up,” Baranowski said. “We meet every other Tuesday in the b f maize center in the library at 8:30 p.m.”