Weiler leads continued growth of intramural sports

Waynesburg University intramural sports have a new look this school year. For those who are not competing in a varsity collegiate sport, intramurals are a way for former athletes to stay active if they no longer have the chance to play collegiately. As for current athletes, it offers them an opportunity to stay in shape during the offseason. 

The previous Intramurals Coordinator, Matthew Pioch, vacated his role prior to the school year. The current Intramurals Coordinator, Thomas Weiler, officially brought the position back in November while serving as an assistant men’s basketball coach and equipment manager for the athletic department.

Weiler explained why he was intrigued to lead intramurals in a written statement.

“I thought it would be a great way to connect with the student population in a more relaxed, sports setting,” Weiler wrote.

Weiler expressed in great detail how the planned activities have gone up to this point. 

“We’ve had great turnouts in our first two leagues so far – flag football and basketball. There have been reps from all parts of campus participating,” Weiler said. “A team of baseball players took the trophy in our flag football tournament. We had a few teams in the basketball league made up of all football players and the sports media majors have taken the opportunity to show what they can do without a microphone or camera in hand. It has been a fun, competitive start to our intramural sports.”

He provided information on the outlook and schedule for intramural sports in the near future. 

“Definitely stay tuned for more intramural action on campus, and keep an eye out for the intramural’s social media. With the basketball league ending, we are beginning to look forward to next year’s plans. We will see more flag football and basketball. New additions will include, but are not limited to pickleball, kickball, soccer, disc golf and wiffleball.”

One of the intramural players on the championship basketball team, Dean Shazer, discussed his perspective on intramurals at Waynesburg University.

“I think intramural sports is a great thing for universities, and especially small colleges. It allows the students to connect with everyone, and it is easier to make friends.”

Weiler expanded on why he believes students should want to get involved with intramural sports at Waynesburg University.

“Intramurals provide an outlet for students from their daily routines. It is a great way to meet new people while participating/competing in favorite sports or competitions,” Weiler wrote. “If you have an idea for a sport or event, please email thomas.weiler@waynesburg.edu. I am always open to ideas and would love to work together to make it happen.”

Waynesburg University offers many opportunities to get involved on campus, and intramural sports is a growing one that is expanding every year.