Why a Stanley?

Stanley cups have grown in popularity within the past two years. This kind of “craze” has been a prime influence from a 40-ounce water bottle with a straw. But, why is a 110-year-old brand all of a sudden regaining publicity and popularity? 

I believe the whole water bottle phase started with the HydroFlask and now has evolved into needing to have a Stanley cup, Owala or other water bottles. These are now looked at as a necessity and are trending. 

Stanley cups have become so popular that stores are having to put up signs to limit on how many bottles are purchased per customer. Some people are losing their jobs over purchasing these cups. 

According to a ‘Business Insider’ article from Jan. 24, 2024, by Dominick Reuter, a Target employee got fired after 19 years with Target. The reason, a pink Stanley cup. “Carter is one of many workers across the US that Target has fired this month after they purchased special-edition Stanley Quencher cups,” 

So, why pick a Stanley cup? 

“They’re more convenient,” sophomore Emily Stutzman said. “They fit in my cup holder.” 

“The handle is easy to hold,” junior Jordan Stein said. 

“They keep my water cold and they hold a lot of it,” senior Hannah Fitzsimmons said. 

Other than the make of it, why pay such a hefty amount for a water bottle? The most popular Stanley cups, the Quencher, are on sale for $49.95 plus tax on the Stanley website. 

On another note, Stanley has been called out for their products containing lead. According to a ‘Fox Business’ article from Jan. 25, 2024, by Lawrence Richard, “Stanley PMI says on its website the products contain a sealing material that uses ‘some lead’ but that no lead touches any surface of any Stanley product and the chemical does not come into contact with any,” This could result in a decrease in sales for the company. 

Personally, I find that Stanley cups are very nice, but they are a bit overpriced and overhyped. There are better alternatives to have a similar cup.