WU to host upcoming artisan fair

The eHIVE Marketplace is hosting an artisan fair that is taking place on Thursday, April 18, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for students and faculty members to sell their handmade or custom-made products.  

This Marketplace is the first being held within the new eHIVE space, located on the first floor of Stover Campus Center. Cassy Dorsch, director of the eHIVE, said that while there have been previous Marketplaces, such as ones held at the holiday open house in Waynesburg town and the one used as part of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra held on campus in December of 2023, this is the first Marketplace to be held as its own event. 

Dorsch said that the Marketplace, “Seeks to provide an opportunity for students to sell and grow their businesses.” She also hopes that it will draw more people into the eHIVE and display what the eHIVE has to offer.  

Morgan Bedilion, an eHIVE scholar, was able to speak about her and her fellow Scholars’ work that they put into the Marketplace. Bedilion said that the Scholars assist artisans on the day of the Marketplace, whether it be setting up tables or helping them with whatever they need. The Scholars also helped with promoting the Marketplace by posting flyers.  

Bedilion said that Marketplace, “Mainly promotes students’ businesses that they’ve started with the Entrepreneurial Leadership program.” She said that this will help students gain more exposure and be more prepared. 

Dorsch said, “We’re excited for this opportunity for students, and this is definitely something that, with the growth that we’ve seen in student businesses this year, this is the next step.” Dorsch plans to continue the new tradition of the eHIVE Marketplace and see it expand and grow in the future. 

According to the eHIVE Marketplace flyer, the Marketplace will take place on April 18, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no table or selling fee, however, artisans must provide their own payment methods for customers.