WU’s Got Talent 2020 auditions in the books

Waynesburg University Student Activity Board (SAB) held its annual WU’s Got Talent auditions on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26, allowing for the university students to try out for the well anticipated talent show. Of those who tried out, 8-12 students will be picked to perform in the actual talent show on April 2 at 8 p.m.

The judges for this year’s event include Ryan Smith, Danielle  Trevino, and Michelle Keith. In past years, admissions counselors, fine arts professors, and university resident directors have judged the show to help keep the judging fair.

“We really just try to choose impartial people on campus that see the majority of the students,” Annalise Cardish, president of SAB, said.

All talents are welcome in WU’s Got Talent, unlike WU’s Voice where only singers were taking the stage. In previous years, students have displayed talents including different forms of dance, magic and even stand up comedy.

Prizes for the show include monetary awards, like WU’s Voice, for first, second and third place. Third place will receive $25, second place will receive $50 and the first-place winner will be awarded $100.

This time of the school semester is typically overly busy with the university students preparing for midterms, affecting the number of performers who try out for the show.

“It really varies on the year. I think in the past, numbers have been a little bit lower, so we only get those eight to 12 people. Sometimes there’s more than that. I think we’ve had close to 20 to 25 people audition. It really just depends on the year and what else is happening,” Cardish said.

For the final stage of WU’s Got Talent, a full house can be expected.

“Usually we have a full house, especially once it gets down to the final stage, it usually gets pretty full. It just kind of depends on what students have going on, but it’s a pretty full crowd,” Cardish said.

Cardish also said that the event is well received among the student body. Friends of the contestants  typically show up to support one another, making the crowd lively.

Caitlyn Angel, a freshman marine biology major, tried out for the talent show on Feb. 25. She sang Lady Gaga’s song, “Always Remember Us This Way.”

“I’ve done Fayette County Idol and Stone House Idol the past four years. I’ve always been interested in music since I was young. It runs in my family,” Angel said. “Both my mom and dad sing. My uncles are in bands and sing. My grandparents sing. It’s always been a part of me.”

For future talent shows and other similar school sanctioned events, anyone and everyone is encouraged to audition.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and see how it goes,” Cardish said.