Abigail Phillips

The rise of ‘The Hive’

Senate tackles topic of students' school spirit

As students get busier, they find less and less time to go to sporting events, leaving the bleachers empty. The Student Senate started plans to incentivize students to attend home games. The lack of student attendance recently came to the Student Senate’s attention when treasurer Luke Diel,  sophomore political science major, brought up some of … Continue reading

University will now provide an online billing service

This year, Waynesburg University will be partnering with Nelnet Campus Commerce to provide students with a new online billing process. The service will allow students to receive an electronic billing statement, as well as, real time online access to their tuition account.  “In place of paper statements, tuition billing statements are now sent electronically,” said … Continue reading

New Becker Agreement put into motion

The Becker Agreement, which was put into effect over the summer, provides back to back study for business majors, from undergraduate degrees to graduate degrees; allowing information to stay  fresh in students’ minds.  The agreement specifically targets those who need to get their Certified Public Accountant certification. Gordan McClung, chair of the Business Administration Department … Continue reading

High Point Raceway hosts PAMX championship series

Last Saturday, the Pennsylvania Motocross Association held one of its sanctioned rounds of competition at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, for motocross racers from ages 4-50. Jeff Cernic, president of the PAMX , said the organization was honored and excited to be able to hold a weekend of competition at the historical raceway. … Continue reading