When the steeple fell

Cast of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' react to the cathedral's devastating recent fire

Thomas Faye was in class when he heard the news. His music history class had wound down as the professor slowly drew lecture to a close. The dwindling voice of the professor began to be overshadowed by the noise of students zipping their backpacks and slamming notebooks shut. In this momentary pause, Faye thoughtlessly checked … Continue reading


eHIVE hosts competition to creatively solve problems

“What is your it?” These are the words written on the wall inside the eHive, right beside the title of the eHive’s latest competition for Waynesburg Students: “See It, Solve It.” In the last competition of the year, students were tasked with finding problems they see in the world and finding creative ways to solve … Continue reading


Fusina returns to PA, set to coach WU basketball

On the surface, the idea of Tim Fusina spending his winters in chilly Southwest Pennsylvania as opposed to the beaches and warmth of Southern California is a drastic change. While the move will still be quite an adjustment for Fusina— who’s moving more than 2,000 miles away from his home for the past two years— … Continue reading

Arts & Life

Mission trip to Guatemala serves kids

With summer quickly approaching, some students prepare for internships, work and relaxation back in their home towns.  However, Pat Bristor, associate dean of students, and Ryan Smith, assistant director of student activities and 16 students will be traveling internationally. They will head to Guatemala, Central America, where Waynesburg faculty and students have attended since 2002. … Continue reading


Joint effort

Greene County split on recreational marijuana

One thing is for sure: the culture around marijuana has changed. That’s according to John, a Greene County resident and regular recreational user of cannabis, whose full name is being withheld for his privacy. When he was growing up in the late 60s, with Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd playing on the radio, smoking marijuana … Continue reading


Editor grapples with legacy, finds silver lining

“Legacy — what is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” This is an excerpt from “The World Was Wide Enough” from Broadway’s hit musical, “Hamilton.” In the context of the scene in which this song is performed, Alexander Hamilton is taking a moment to sing as he seems … Continue reading