The Help We Give

School is back in session here at Waynesburg University. With all the students back on campus and classes in full swing, there is a lot of hustle and bustle on campus. But what does that look like off campus?  There are about 1,700 students that attend Waynesburg University. Each one of them not only brings … Continue reading

Higher education vs. financial burdens

Alderson Broaddus University and West Virginia University (WVU), two schools not far from Waynesburg University, have had recent financial trouble. WVU has made several cuts over the past few months and Alderson Broaddus completely shut down due to money issues. I am from Morgantown and I know a few athletes from Alderson Broadus, so I … Continue reading

Tips for New Students

Every new academic year at Waynesburg University brings new students. Whether the students come in as freshmen or transfer over from another school, they all share one trait: they are new to campus. That level of unfamiliarity often leads to those students feeling lost at the beginning of their time at Waynesburg. If that applies … Continue reading

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Wow, what a loaded question. It’s a typical conversation starter amongst friends, but when really taken into deep thought, this is a fantastic question to digest. Here is my quick answer: Money buys you PLEASURE, not happiness.  Let me explain. Now I completely understand why people post on social media “Unpopular opinion: Money CAN buy … Continue reading