Social media sites sell personal info

Social media isn’t free. Since most social media sites don’t charge a fee for users, many jump to the conclusion they are the only ones benefiting from using the platform. The other week, someone told me how fortunate they are that Twitter is free—unfortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most people don’t realize … Continue reading

Do not dwell on your outward beauty

Fashion magazines are an example of a current cultural medium that influences girls and women to present themselves in ways the culture deems beautiful. So many of us are looking for acceptance, and what’s “accepted” for women in our culture today heavily involves the way we look – the way our faces look, the way … Continue reading

Voices of WU: Students have Valentine’s Day fun

Valentine’s Day is not just celebrated by those who have a significant other to spend the day with. At least, not at Waynesburg University. According to a survey of 50 students, couples and singles alike all enjoyed themselves  in different ways. Most of those surveyed who had a significant other on campus with available time … Continue reading

Stores adapt

Supermarkets compete with online businesses

Once upon a time, Americans drove to the store and spent an hour, sometimes more, at the local grocery market, hardware store, greenhouse and other types of specialty stores looking for products on their shopping lists. Now, Americans can have products sent to them with a few swipes and taps on their smartphones while they … Continue reading

Editorial: The heat increases

The world needs to act on global warming

Let’s start with facts. The average surface temperature of the planet has risen 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit since the late nineteenth century. Though the number may not seem alarming, this incremental increase in temperature could mean extinction for half of all animal and plant species in some of the world’s most important natural places, including the … Continue reading

Series: Voices of WU

WU students choose Snapchat first

“I use Snapchat for its convenience.” This was a common answer when half of 50 surveyed students on Waynesburg University’s campus explained why they prefer to use Snapchat over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 28 percent of the surveyed students preferred Instagram, 12 percent preferred Facebook and only 10 percent preferred Twitter. The other 50 percent … Continue reading

Column: Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits

Lifestyle changes are hard. Oftentimes you commit yourself to eating healthier, or working out more, only to see it crumble after a few weeks because you lose the willpower or drive. I’ve been there, more times than I can remember. It’s an up and down struggle that I’ve battled with for the better part of … Continue reading

Column: The wage gap still exists in the U.S.

Last week, a friend of mine approached me, frazzled, and told me about a professor who had claimed there is no longer a gender pay gap in the United States. After doing some research, I learned that unfortunately, this kind of thinking is not so unusual: many commentators, including those representing reputable sources, have claimed … Continue reading