Editor grapples with legacy, finds silver lining

“Legacy — what is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” This is an excerpt from “The World Was Wide Enough” from Broadway’s hit musical, “Hamilton.” In the context of the scene in which this song is performed, Alexander Hamilton is taking a moment to sing as he seems … Continue reading

Remember those who nurtured you

This one is for my mom and dad. When I first entered Waynesburg University four years ago, I had specific goals in the Department of Communication. From maintaining a high GPA to taking on various leadership roles, I accomplished what I set out to do four years ago. Reflecting on these accomplishments, though, it’s clear … Continue reading

Utilize summer

Three months can be spent in a variety of ways

As April comes to a close and finals approaching, Waynesburg University students are preparing their summer plans. The three month break holds seemingly endless possibilities for students. The question is, what should students with their three months? Part-time jobs are a productive method to gain money for college bills and disposable income to relax and … Continue reading

Newspaper reveals the joy of writing

I absolutely despised writing when I arrived at Waynesburg University back in the fall of 2015. Who would think that four years later, I would be completing my fourth year as a contributor and staff member of The Yellow Jacket here at Waynesburg? If you would’ve told me out of high school that I would … Continue reading

Applications need to replace phones

This year, every other phone call Americans receive will be a robo-call. With the overwhelming amount of daily spam calls calls Americans receive, it’s time we ditch the phone. Right now, there seems to be a countless supply of free communication applications. FaceTime, Discord, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Signal are just a … Continue reading

Julian Assange is a hero, not a villian

One issue that divides Americans is how much information is good and how much is dangerous.  This is what leads so many individuals to believe Julian Assange is an evil person. They see the loss and endangerment of lives as a result of him making information available. In reality, these same lives are put at … Continue reading

Think Small

See the value in a small-school education

When it comes down to it, a small higher-education school provides students with the best educational and student experience. A college or university that limits the number of students to a class to somewhere below 25-30 allows for a more interactive personal environment that enhances experience. Students can interact to know professors better, and they … Continue reading