Luke Andruscik

Dewig ascends to role in the NFL

A graduate of Waynesburg University, Hayden Giuliani Dewig, Ph. D., was recently appointed as an observer to the National Football League (NFL) Head, Neck and Spine Committee. As an athlete herself, Dewig always knew she wanted to work with athletes.  “I fell in love with the profession because I was an athlete,” Dewig said. “I … Continue reading

The debate of participation trophies

Participation trophies are awarded to every player who participates in a game, a league or even a competition. The award itself is self-explanatory. This type of award has garnered some controversy over whether it should be given out to these children in developmental leagues. The people for the distribution of the award argue that every … Continue reading

Women’s Soccer defeat La Roche 8-1

On Wednesday night, the Waynesburg University Girls Soccer team defeated La Roche University by a final score of 8-1. Freshman Julz Mohrbacher and Sophomore Reagan Mittendorf both had 2 goals. Freshmen Kylie Criddle and Emily Beck had a goal each along with Sophomore Riley Corradi and Senior Kate James. With this win, Waynesburg starts the … Continue reading