Joseph Chirillo

Ranking the Star Wars films

Disney + just released the first four episodes of their new series titled, ‘The Acolyte.’  According to the description found on, the action/adventure series takes place hundreds of year prior to the Phantom Menace and the timeline that is familiar to the larger Star Wars audience. In celebration of this new series, members of … Continue reading

Most important qualities in a President

As the 2024 general election for the United States presidency nears closer, it is important to remember the reasons we are voting, learn and educate ourselves on the ideals and formalities the candidates have said to support and make a decision that is right for ourselves and the nation. Presidential candidates can always be tricky … Continue reading

What is the value of learning a new language?

Despite  7,139 total languages in the world, according to the Linguistic Society of America, many people only know one. In a growing world that continues to develop new languages and cultures, it continues to become increasingly special and important to know how to speak different languages.  In today’s world, many people believe that learning a … Continue reading

Oscar Nominations are in!

January 23rd at 8:30am, the Academy Award nominations were released for categories like Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, Best Animated Feature and Best Picture. So, let’s recap the snubs, shocks and not surprising nominations about this year’s Oscar nominations! After this past summer’s internet sensation of “Barbenhimer,” many believed that both films would score … Continue reading