Kaden Hurley

Student’s self-care an essential part of maintaining health

In American culture, each generation comes to know certain “buzzwords”: a word or phrase that grabs attention and stimulates conversation such as “rape” or “suicide.” While studying at a college or university, students are often confronted with the buzzword “self-care.”Between 16 credits of classes, a part-time job, volunteer work and university organizations it can be … Continue reading

Waynesburg Coffee Company to host ‘Coffeemaking 101’

Drew Jonson, founder and owner of Waynesburg Coffee Company, was looking for a way to involve Waynesburg University students in his business as well as teach them something useful.  His conclusion is to host a Coffee Making 101 class Feb. 19 at 4 p.m. at the Waynesburg Coffee Company location. Essentially, Jonson wants to provide … Continue reading

WVU grad intern strives to bring new perspective

It may be a normal semester for returning Waynesburg University faculty and students, but for WVU graduate intern Robert Hillard, this semester represents anything but familiarity. Hillard started his internship Monday, Jan. 15, the same day classes resumed for the spring semester and he will intern through this spring semester and 2018 fall semester. His … Continue reading

Tuba Christmas concert features songs of the season

Waynesburg’s tuba and euphonium players ushered in the Christmas season this past Friday, Dec. 1, with the annual Tuba Christmas Concert. The evening performance marked the musical group’s ninth year hosting the popular event, which features music of the Christmas and holiday season. In just under a decade, the original four players jumped to include … Continue reading

Band performs ‘Music of the Southwest’

Waynesburg University’s band hosted its first concert of the 2017-18 school year in the Marsh Center, located underneath the Chapel, Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 5:15 p.m. Both the fall and mid-winter concerts are held in the Marsh Center with the audience encircling the band, composed of students, alumni, faculty and community members. The Christmas and Spring concerts are held upstairs in the Chapel, accompanied by the Lamplighters … Continue reading

Students to visit Warhol museum in Pittsburgh

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is sponsoring a trip to the Andy Warhol Museum on Oct. 8. The museum features the largest collection of Andy Warhol’s work in the world. According to the website, the museum is “one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world and the largest in North America.” Andy Warhol was … Continue reading

Multicultural Club hosts meetings to promote acceptance

The Multicultural Club [MCC] met for their third meeting this semester Tues., Sept. 19, in the student organization room on second floor Stover.  Resident Directors Matt Pioch and Liz Diviney currently lead the MCC with the intent of raising awareness and understanding of other cultures, but also to educate on racism, ethnocentrism and religion.  “I felt there needed to be a place … Continue reading

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