Malarie Yoder

Casa Capri, new pizzeria, to open in Waynesburg

In the small shopping plaza stretch near Taco Bell and Dunkin Donuts, between Pearle Vision and One Main Financial, a new pizzeria is coming to Waynesburg. In a “prime location between the hotels and other restaurants” Owner Amanda Bibovic said, “We have already had people come in and ask for menus, and I hope it will … Continue reading

Entrepreneur Evan Lutz speaks for DeVito Lecture Series

Evan Lutz, 25-year-old entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland, spoke to the Waynesburg University student body April 3. The title of the presentation, “One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Selling Ugly Produce,” is based off of Evan Lutz’s lifelong goal of nurturing the environment. “As a college senior, Evan partnered with a local farmer … Continue reading

Fostering Growth

Resident Directors work to maintain safety, health and create development on campus

Waynesburg University is home to 10 student dorms, five of which are underclassmen and the remaining being upperclassmen. Within those dorms, there are five Resident Directors overseeing activity and building connections with students. Lauren Bailey, Resident Director of South, East, West and Pollock, described her responsibilities as maintaining safety and comfort in the residences halls. … Continue reading

Department of Education offers courses on mental health

Waynesburg University’s Department of Education has added mental health topics to the curriculum as a way to help support future teachers and to assist them in avoiding teacher burnout. Dr. Kelley Solomon, assistant professor of education recently shared some of the advancements and additions in the program in order to tackle the growing concern of … Continue reading

Community leaders, nonprofit organizations respond

Before President Donald Trump reopened the government last Friday, more than 800,000 federal employees and their families prepared for another missed paycheck. The government shutdown had a massive impact on communities all across the country, and Greene County was no exception. After a 35-day government shutdown, Democrats and Republicans nationwide are up in arms. High-profile … Continue reading

Counseling Center gives tips for seasonal depression

On an everyday college campus, the stigma surrounding many students is lack of sleep, binge eating some days and then not eating at all on others and constantly studying. At Waynesburg University, more than 1,000 students enter their dorms and houses at the beginning of the fall semester.  In most cases, stress is low and … Continue reading

Scholarship winners debunk myths about foreign nations

Through volunteer opportunities, campus organizations and various mission trips, Waynesburg University offers unique scholarship opportunities that enhance its programing. One opportunity that grabs the attention of many females is the Vira Heinz Scholarship, which is awarded each year to at least three women and gives them the opportunity to travel to a foreign country in … Continue reading

Oxfam provides opportunity to learn about world hunger

Waynesburg University hosted the Oxfam Hunger Banquet Wednesday,  Sept. 19. Oxfam is a charitable organization focused on helping with social issues, such as poverty and hunger around the world. The purpose of the banquet is to inform and teach the student population about what part of the global population goes through on a daily basis. … Continue reading